Tesla offers $7,500 discounts on Model 3 and Y to boost year-end demand

Tesla offers discounts on models 3 and Y
Image courtesy of Carscoops – Tesla offers discounts on model 3 and Y

Tesla offers discounts in a surprise announcement, so it’s still possible to snag a Christmas bargain at new cars models 3 and Y purchased before the end of the year. The discount was made on the previous discount implemented by the car company.

As mentioned, the offer applies to Model 3 and Y cars already in Tesla’s inventory and represents a $3,750 increase over the existing $3,750 discount the company announced for in-stock cars earlier this month. , giving a total discount of US$7,500. Factor in the 10,000 miles (16,100 km) of free supercharging that comes with these cars and it’s clear that those who decide to buy it are in for a great deal.

Tesla Offers $7,500 Discount on Model 3 and Y

However, Tesla He’s not just handing out presents to get into the holiday spirit. All of the deals are tied to the company’s efforts to boost year-end sales and make 2022 a more successful year than 2021, when the brand delivered more than 1 million vehicles.

Buyers were on their way to get US$3,750 tax credits with a new Tesla starting in January when the government’s Inflation Act measures take effect, so Tesla’s initial $3,750 discount was made to persuade them not to wait until the new year to buy.

However, the Biden administration recently announced that it was delaying some new measures related to the origin and composition of an EV’s battery pack, meaning Teslas would be temporarily eligible for US$7,500 in credits during January. This has been the cause of the duplicate offer.

Image Courtesy of Carscoops – Tesla Offers Discounts on Model 3 and Y

Demand for Tesla vehicles

But some industry watchers have suggested that the deals signal a slowdown in demand for Tesla’s vehicles. It is almost certain that the fact that Elon Musk to buy Twitter It has put some consumers off buying a Tesla, and the electric car company’s share price, which had already fallen sharply since last year, fell another 39%. Additionally, Tesla is facing strong opposition for the first time from automakers that have started to deliver a large number of electric cars.

“The fact that they appear to be cutting prices to increase delivery volumes does not boost confidence, particularly at a time when we are seeing increasing competition,” ROTH Capital Partners senior analyst Craig Irwin told Reuters.


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