Tesla recoils and recovers the traditional steering wheel for its Model S and Model X

If the work of the American manufacturer Tesla must be recognized for something, it is for its ability to introduce disruptive elements, which in one way or another can be described at least as “unconventional” and which in many cases definitively change our perception of the car. One of the clearest examples is found in the yoke-type steering wheel that raised a whole wave of opinions. Now, almost two years after its first appearance, the brand decides to bring back a more traditional steering wheel.

The first Tesla Model S that arrived in Spain did so in 2013, almost a decade ago: from that first moment the American firm has done nothing but expand and reach more and more public, increasing its sales figures every year thanks also to the appearance of new models such as the Tesla Model X and, above all, the more affordable and reasonable Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

In any case, when the current generation of the new Tesla Model S and Model X saw the light For the first time about two years ago, we all inevitably focused on one detail: the appearance of a yoke-type steering wheel, in which we only have the lower half of the rim. Yes, the Model S and Model X seemed more like “the fantastic car” than ever. This element, together with the fact that for the first time the brand also made the levers for windscreen wipers and indicators disappear, they make the driving experience of the American models the most futuristic.

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It should be remembered that it is not the only manufacturer that has begun the path towards the “wheel of the future”, since Toyota offers, in its luxury subsidiary Lexus, a very similar wheel for the Lexus RZ. Of course, in the case of the Japanese manufacturer, many more elements are modified if this steering wheel is chosen, since the steering system is completely changed so that it is not necessary to cross your hands in case you have to maneuver.

Tesla backs down and accepts the usual wheel

With the first Model S and Model X units reaching the European market at the end of 2022, everything indicated that Tesla was not going to give up its efforts to install this type of controls in its cars, without the possibility of installing a traditional steering wheel. Nevertheless, With the passage of time, the fact that this steering wheel is not for everyone has become relevant.: although it has obvious advantages such as the image it provides or the amount of space it leaves to be able to see the instrumentation with total clarity, the truth is that it also has drawbacks that for many may be insurmountable.

The main one is the ability to maneuver safely: the steering ratio is similar to that of any vehicle with a traditional steering wheel, so it takes several turns to turn the wheels from lock to lock. With a wheel with a full rim it’s a routine gesture that drivers don’t even have to think about, but with a steering wheel with half a rim missing it can be cumbersome to say the least.

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Now Tesla surprises us with a gesture of correction, since the traditional steering wheel, with the complete round ring, has made its appearance, being possible to choose it as a free option when ordering from the factorySo yes, it is now possible to buy a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X with a traditional steering wheel again. It is not the only novelty: those owners who have already received their car with a “yoke” steering wheel will have from March 2023 the option of installing a traditional steering wheel in a technical service of the brand. Of course, it will not be cheap: the cost of the operation, including parts and labor, amounts to €900.

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