Tesla remains the dominant brand with 73% of electric cars sold in California

Tesla continues to be the dominant brand with a 73% share of electric units marketed in its home state of California, this figure has dropped due to bids from rivals.


Tesla is the dominant brand with respect to electric cars marketed in California

the mark of Elon Musk it remains focused on the top of the auto market in the state of California, although sales have been dampened somewhat by offerings from its competition.


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From January to September, Tesla kept 73% of the electric battery market in their hands, since 2018 the number has decreased, according to new registration data of cars of the California Energy Commission.


Tesla it owned a 75% stake in last year and 79% in 2020.


However, the brand managed to sell more electric units in California in the first quarter of last year, more than 150,000 cars, than in the same period a year ago. This drop in sales can be caused by your competition, especially hyundai MotorGroup.


According to government data calculations for the month of January through September, sales of Tesla in California they were placed at 15% based on deliveries worldwide in 2021.

California is the largest market in the US for zero emission carsincluding hydrogen fuel cells Y plug-in hybrid electric units.

The marketing of zero emission carswhich are mostly 100% electric, accounted for 18% of total new vehicle sales in California so far this year.

Both sales and the brand in California left 53% of potential buyers of electric cars according to a study by the California auto consultant AutoPacific. placing below the previous years.

Reuters quotes AutoPacific Chairman Ed Kim as indicating that “Tesla’s market share is reaching a saturation point in California, and that he expects competitors to continue to take market share away from him.” Waiting just as the sales of Tesla continue to increase

The recent purchase of Twitter by the Tesla CEO Elon Muskraised concern about the ev brand, in states like California.

The analyst of Guidehouse Insights, Sam Abuelsamid, said “Twitter deal may have turned off some potential Tesla buyers who had previously been supportive of Musk and his clean energy mission.”

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