Tesla reported 2 new fatal accidents related to assistance systems such as autopilot

Tesla reported accidents with ADAS
Tesla reported accidents with ADAS

electric car brand Teslareported to auto safety regulators in USA reports of two new accidents involving two deaths from car crashes model 3 linked to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the month ending October 15, according to data published this Tuesday, November 15 by the government.

Tesla reported 2 new ADAS-related fatal crashes

In June, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began publishing data provided by auto manufacturers about accident reports linked to ADAS As the autopilot of Tesla.

“NHTSA has reviewed these accidents and is following up appropriately. NHTSA uses many data sources in its compliance processes,” the agency said Tuesday.

The NHTSA issued an order in June 2021 requiring manufacturers and technology companies to report all accidents involving ADAS and vehicles equipped with automated driving systems tested on public roads. Thus, it specified on Tuesday that it uses the data presented by the manufacturers as part of its investigations.

Tesla reported accidents with ADAS
Tesla reported accidents with ADAS

Of the 18 fatal crashes reported since July 2021 involving driver assistance systems, nearly all involved Tesla vehicles.

The agency emphasized that manufacturers track crashes in different ways and discouraged performance comparisons between manufacturers due to a lack of comprehensive metrics to track how widely each system is used or how crashes are reported.

38 ADAS accident investigations since 2016

Moreover, since 2016, NHTSA has opened 38 special investigations of accidents involving Elon Musk-branded vehicles, in which ADAS is suspected to have been used as the autopilot. Overall, 19 accident deaths were reported in such Tesla-related investigations.

The brand did not respond to a request for comment. Although if he said that the autopilot it allows vehicles to automatically stop and turn within their lanes, but it does not make them capable of driving themselves.

In June, the NHTSA updated its investigation of defects in 830,000 Tesla cars with autopilot, a required step before you can request a recall.

Tesla reported accidents with ADAS
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