Tesla was hit by a train in Santa Clara, the driver was left alive, but the car was completely destroyed (+Video)

A unit Tesla received tremendous impact by a train in Santa Clarabeing totally destroyed, the driver left almost unharmed.

Train in Santa Clara takes a Tesla ahead and destroys it

A Tesla Model Y that was hit by an Amtrak train during a road crossing has left the car destroyed, however, the driver only sustained various minor injuries.

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Electric vehicles have built-in safety measures that are not necessarily implemented in gasoline-powered models. Due to their skateboard-style battery packs, the low, heavy center of electric models keeps them almost low to the ground so tip-overs shouldn’t exist.

A train Amtrak Capitol Corridor hit hard with a Tesla Model Y on Martin Avenue in Santa Clara, California. The car bag unfolded and the front of the motor unit was ripped off leaving pieces scattered everywhere.

Witnesses indicated that the car was on the train tracks when the warning sounds began and the safety rails lowered. The driver was startled when he was struck by the crossing guardrail.

People indicated that the driver got out of the unit to try to lift the arm of the railing and move the vehicle.

According to reports, there were no serious injuries, although the driver received several minor injuries and a destroyed car that, by throwing pieces, hit other nearby cars.

Writing by Gossipvehiculos/Source: insideevs.com

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