Tesla would announce its plans for a factory in Mexico soon

Tesla, manufacturer of electric cars belonging to Elon Musk, refines details with the government of New Lion, Mexico to announce the construction of a factory in the state. The plans should be made public in 2023.

For now there is a confidentiality agreement between the parties, but according to MILLENNIUM-Multimedia, the plant would be built in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

“Tesla will arrive in Santa Catarina. The investment will be finalized in the coming weeks, after the end of the year it will be announced. The commitment is that it must be completed immediately after the start of 2023; We know that it will generate employment and it will be located in the only area available, which is the west of that municipality. It is not possible to inform more, because there is a confidentiality contract ”, says a source to the aforementioned medium.

This would explain Musk’s visit to San Pedro Garza García and Monterrey on October 22. The source affirms that the land where the plant will be installed has already been purchased and that the commitment will take place in the first days of January.

I understand that they already bought the land, maybe they don’t want what happened with KIA to happen to them, but it is true that Musk made them confidential, since the land around where it was bought is going to go up (in price).”, indicates the medium.

That said, the Public Registry of Property of the Registry and Cadastral Institute of Nuevo León does not have information on the sale in the mentioned place by Tesla.

I don’t think it is still (the property) in the name of the company,” indicated the source.

During his visit, Musk met with the state governor, Samuel Garcia, as well as with Iván Rivas, local Economy Secretary, Emmanuel Loo, undersecretary of that agency and the head of the Amar a Nuevo León office, Mariana Rodríguez.

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Likewise, the regional president mentioned on December 8 that “historic” investments were about to arrive and that they would be one of the largest in the country.

This six-year term is coming an alignment of planets for Nuevo León, due to different global circumstances, they make me sign confidentiality contracts, so I can’t talk about more, but I can tell you halfway that historic investments are coming for Nuevo León, some of them They, to give you an idea, are going to be the largest investments in the history of the country”, he expressed.

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