The 10 hardest cars to steal

The 10 hardest cars to steal

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The harder cars to steal that even the best thieves tend to avoid, due to the challenges they present.

What are the most difficult cars to steal?

Currently, modern units, such as the BMW 3 Series and the Tesla Model Shave unique security features such as anti-theft systems, gps trackers and more, that make them almost impossible to steal.

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What features make a car difficult to steal?

Regarding the car theft data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationsome cars have features that make them less affordable for criminals:
  • security features: Units with new technology makes them difficult to steal.
  • vehicle color: Bright and uniquely colored models (that are not sports cars) have a lower theft rate.
  • Car size: The larger units are not easy to steal.
  • Car rarity: Rare models are not stolen as often, because they stand out from the rest.
  • Cars that look cheap: A model that is not attractive in terms of price will not be attractive to a car thief.

10 hardest cars to steal

If you want to buy one of the least stolen vehicles to keep your peace of mind, here is a list of ten cars to consider.

1. BMW 3 Series four-door

A study conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute found that the BMW 3 Series was the vehicle least sought after by the underworld in the United States. A model that is quite difficult to steal due to its technology in terms of security.

2. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is promoted as one of the safest cars thanks to its anti-theft functions. Tesla You can monitor where your car is right from your smartphone, even if thieves manage to disable the system.

3. Jaguar xf

The owners of Jaguar XF have access to the application InControl, which allows the police to track and recover the vehicle if it is stolen. The model locks twice so it can’t be started, plus it’s a car that stands out on the road.

4.Nissan Leaf

The nissan leaf it will not start the engine if your key is not located correctly. Count with one gps tracking system sensitive that locates the car instantly. So criminals avoid it.
5.Hyundai Tucson
The Hyundai Tucson It has an alarm system that is difficult to deactivate, so stealing this model is not discreet. owns a transponder immobilizer that prevents it from getting hot.

6.Audi A4

The Audi A4 has a low theft rate because it is equipped with modern anti-theft devices which make it extremely difficult to steal. It has a coded chip in the key electronic control unit (ECU) so the vehicle can’t start without it.

7. Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery use one ultra-wideband radio technology It transmits the key signal in a range of frequencies. So the signal or retransmission amplifiers used by thieves will not help.

8. Lexus HS 250h

The Lexus HS 250h It has a feature that makes it almost impossible to steal: if the vehicle detects that the lock is being lifted, the unlock buttons will drop instantly.

9. Tesla Model X

The Tesla ModelX It has an extreme level of security that makes it one of the most difficult vehicles to steal. Besides of gps trackingcount with one sentinel mode that records its surroundings even when the unit is turned off.

10. Mercedes-Benz GL 550 by TAC

The Mercedes-Benz GL 550 from Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) owns a bulletproof exterior. If the thieves want to steal the car you just have to wait until they get tired.

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