The 3 most common problems of the Lexus IS

The 3 most common problems of the Lexus IS

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Lexus IS most common problems
Image Courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Common Lexus IS Problems

He Lexus IS it has undergone significant changes since its initial launch in 1999. The Lexus IS was sold in the United States as one model, the IS300, Powered by the Toyota 2JZ engine, the IS300 is an unsung hero of the early 2000s. The Lexus IS is now available in three main models: the IS300 with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine; the IS350, powered by a V6, and the IS500, powered by a V8. However, despite being a Lexus performance favorite, the IS series is not without its problems. Here we bring you the three most common Lexus IS problems.

1. Discoloration of the interior rear view mirror

Although nothing harmful, a vanishing mirror is an annoying repair. In all the Lexus IS models from 2006 to 2010, RepairPal has hundreds of owner reports of the problem.

The build quality of mirror glass causes discoloration, which is that as it heats up it will warp and fade. It may start small, but it can quickly become a problem as the rearview mirror is an essential part of any car. Although the side mirrors are not affected in the same way.

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Image Courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Common Lexus IS Problems

Even with all the reports, there is no memory for this problem. Lexus has a revised version of the rearview mirror available. However, the cost of the mirror and repair can be over $400, as a mirror costs almost $200. Without a warranty or recall item available, many owners resort to leaving the mirror in place, as internal wiring makes it more difficult for self-replacement.

2. Clicking noise from rear suspension

Again, nothing that is “bad” but could cause problems later is a snap of the rear suspension. Affecting the Lexus IS models From 2006 to 2015 many owners report this problem. The average mileage of the cars involved is close to 100,000 miles, which most cars have reached at this point.

The cost of diagnosing the problem is typically $110, and repairs are around $1,000. Suspension noises can be tricky, being caused by bad bushings, old coil springs, or worn struts.

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Lexus IS most common problems
Image Courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Common Lexus IS Problems


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On all models, this issue is not recalled or covered under warranty. Considering that it is so wide, it would be difficult to determine why it is clicking. Most owners replace worn bushings or the entire spring assembly to remedy the problem.

3. Check engine light with three codes

Finally, the most common problem reported by owners is a check engine light with three standard codes. The issue occurs on 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010 model years of the Lexus IS250 and 350.

When a check engine light comes on, it’s always a good idea to scan the code to see if there’s a more pressing problem that you need fixed. For the Lexus IS, the usual codes are P0751, P2714 and P0894. In most cases, the codes appear with false readings and the main cause is a power control module or faulty PCM.

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Lexus IS most common problems
Image Courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Common Lexus IS Problems

Replacing the PCM is a simple plug-and-play effort, but diagnosing it is a different story. It is best to take it to a mechanical workshop that can insure it, since the PCM has a cost between US$560 and US$1828, depending on the model of the luxury sedan that you have

Are Lexus ISs reliable cars?

In general, the Lexus IS series continues to be extremely reliable. Considering that Lexus is Toyota’s vision of luxury, reliability remains the same. RepairPal gives Lexus a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 for reliability. If you’re shopping for a Lexus IS and want to avoid the most common problems, stick with a first or third generation model and you can avoid potential headaches.

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