The Aehra SUV makes its debut in Italy with supercar doors and motorcycle mirrors (+PICS)

The SUVs Ahra it will debut in Italy with gullwing doors and motorcycle mirrors.

Debut of the Aehra SUV

The premium SUV segment has too much competition, however, the Italian company of Aehra electric cars You want to be first on the list.


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Ahra names its doors elytra, the two front ones open and advance and the rear ones only go up. It is the main feature of this model along with ultra-thin side mirrors and short front/rear overhangs.


The mirrors are inspired by racing motorcycles and the sloped windshield blends into the roof for a sense of fast-back. It has a 118″ wheelbase with a design of Filippo Perini, called a “courageous approach”.


It has sleek form and aerodynamic efficiency, although we don’t have the details on power and range, however this SUV adds active aerodynamic components to the front and rear that improve performance, efficiency and safety.


“The Aehra SUV represents a radical combination of cutting-edge sustainable materials, ultra-advanced EV technology, smart manufacturing technologies, pure Italian design and, of course, a pivotal moment in our company’s history.” said the founder and CEO of Aehra, Hazim Nada.

Ahra showed its exterior design in Milan, where the firm is based. Along with the debut, other plans are being prepared for an electric sedan to follow, which should debut in February 2023.

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