The alarming increase in vehicles without patents in Chile and the reason why you should stay away from them

The alarming increase in vehicles without patents in Chile
The alarming increase in vehicles without patents in Chile

Car theft has undoubtedly been one of the biggest problems currently in the country, insecurity has been a torment, and of course, it is a subject that has seen new methods throughout the year. One of these ways is through the vehicles without patenta fact that has been increasing in Chiliand it is that, only this year in the metropolitan region 3000 drivers without license plates have been arrested.

According to the No+Tag group, these are drivers who cannot pay for highways and, to a lesser extent, criminals. However, for the Head of Security of Grupo Vías Chile, the crimes associated with vehicles without a license plate “are indisputable”, to the point that the Carabineros have troops that monitor the vehicles from the control center.

Increase in vehicles without license plates in Chile

According to Jorge Valenzuela, Head of Security at Grupo Vías Chile, usually when they adulterate or hide the license plate beyond seeking to evade a payment, it is a precursor indication of a more serious crime.

The Law indicates that driving without a license plate is a serious infraction, with monetary fines ranging from US$50,000 to US$75,000 pesos. Even, in order to avoid this increase in crimes caused by vehicles without a license plate, a project of the Ministry of Transportation was approved, by which, the new cars without a patent will not be able to circulate in the country.

The alarming increase in vehicles without patents in Chile

Carabineros expressed that the fear generated by cars or motorcycles without plates is justified. According to Colonel Christian Tenhamm, chief sebv of Carabineros, 50% of the crimes that are committed are by vehicles that hide their license plate.

“This also occurs on public roads, in residential sectors where a tremendous sense of fear is generated through the same calls that people make. That it strikes them that a vehicle does not carry their license plates and that creates a sensation to which we respond, effectively, by inspecting and adopting the corresponding procedures, “said Tenhamm. This is the main reason for people to stay away from them.

Adulterated license plates

Besides cars without patentthere is another problem: the massive sale of stolen cars with adulterated plates. According to Carabineros, the number of arrests for driving stolen cars increased by 88% compared to last year. For the same date in 2021, 4,044 arrests were registered for stolen vehicles, while currently 7,587 are registered.

This is a situation that has been experienced by various people, who purchase vehicles and which turn out to be stolen, a fact that can harm buyers. And that, in the first instance, you can send them to jail and of course, leave them without the car. According to police sources, thousands of cars with stolen license plates are currently circulating in Chile.


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