The Aliner Evolution Is An A-Frame Camping Trailer With A Shower Inside

When you think of the exterior appearance of a camping trailer, two shapes that may come to mind are teardrops or rectangles on wheels. Aliner Evolution takes a completely different approach by opting for the A-frame style.

Airplane Evolution featuring pop-up panels on each side of the roof, which creates more living space inside. This model comes standard with a 185-watt Sunflare Flex 60 solar panel for off-grid power. Four stabilizer jacks keep the trailer steady while camping. Other exterior amenities include yellow patio lights, power outlets and water connections. As an option, an outer grille is available.

Inside, the Evolution is 15 feet long, and Aliner makes the most of the trail. The rear sofa folds into an 80-inch by 60-inch bed. The dining bench converts into a mid-sized mattress or a pair of 22-by 60-inch beds.

This camping trailer also has a kitchenette with a 3-cubic-foot sink, stove and refrigerator. The Evolution carries a 35 gallon freshwater tank.

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A surprising feature in such a small vehicle is the presence of an attachable shower. When installed, it measures 32 inches by 32 inches. The device can store deep into the floor. Also, the cupboard hides the cassette toilet.

While resting inside, plenty of natural light is available. There are two skylights, and the pop-up panel has windows. Plus, the wall opposite the entrance has three windows in a triangular orientation.

Aliner uses many durable coatings in this trailer. The floor is a polyvinyl material which is waterproof and anti-slip. Cabinets and furniture use marine grade material called Boatboard.

The Aliner Evolution uses an e-coated tubular steel frame. The dry weight is less than 2,300 pounds, and the gross vehicle weight rating is 3,500 pounds.

Aliner does not list prices for Evolution. contact the company to find out the cost.

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