The anti-SUV hybrid, with 700 liters of trunk, which you can buy in 2023 at a bargain price

At a time like the present it is more important than ever to discover the best shopping deals, especially being closer to a 2023 that will bring interesting developments in the car market. And today we are analyzing a particularly attractive case, since it is about a car that seeks to be the best hybrid anti-SUV of 2023 thanks to an unbeatable relationship between space and priceadding to this recipe an adjusted purchase price, low consumption and an increasingly useful ECO label.

The Dacia manufacturer belonging to the Renault group has become by right the one of the best purchase options on the current market, because although it has also increased its rates, it continues to offer a very good quality/price ratio, in addition to a range with bodies for all types of uses. But among all this offer, the Dacia Jogger stands out, a family-focused crossover that you can buy with 5 or 7 seats, with a trunk of up to 708 liters and with an ECO label.

Available in a 5 or 7-seater version, the Jogger Hybrid will be the cheapest hybrid in its category

Nowadays It is already possible to buy a Dacia Jogger with an ECO label if you choose the bifuel engine available in its range, a propellant capable of running on gasoline or LPG interchangeably. However, in 2023 arrives what is possibly the most important novelty of Dacia in many years, since in 2023 we will discover the first hybrid Dacia, a Dacia Jogger with a gasoline hybrid engine of Renault origin.

Yes, the electrification of Dacia will begin in 2023 with the intention of breaking the market, since the goal of the Dacia Jogger Hybrid is to become the cheapest hybrid crossover in its segmentkeeping its great claims intact in terms of both a tight purchase price and plenty of interior space.

The engine used by Dacia to give life to the Jogger Hybrid It is an old acquaintance, since it is the E-Tech system used by cars like the Renault Captur. This propulsion system uses a 1.6 gasoline mechanic, two electric motors and a 1.2 kWh battery, managing to develop a maximum power of 140 CVbut standing out greatly for its high efficiency which, in the case of the Captur E-Tech, allows it to approve consumption of 4.7 l/100 km. In fact, if you want to know all the details and impressions of driving on this engine, do not miss our Renault Captur E-Tech test.

There is no car that offers more space for less money than the Jogger

And when will the hybrid Jogger hit the streets? Officially presented at the Paris motor show that took place in October, Dacia has confirmed that it will open the order book by the beginning of 2023, with the first deliveries of the Jogger Hybrid expected to take place during the first half of next year. The exact price of this model is still a mystery, but Dacia promised that the Jogger Hybrid would be the cheapest 7-seater hybrid on the marketso everything points to the fact that its purchase price will be below 25,000 euros before applying any discount, offer or promotion.

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