The audio from the Jorge Chávez Airport control tower before and during the accident (+VIDEO) comes to light


Behind the accident in the Jorge Chavez Airportinvestigations are the order of the day to determine the cause, now the audios prior to the accident were obtained from the control tower.

The control tower kept in touch with the plane before the crash

The audios from the control tower before the accident suffered by a plane about to take off bound for Juliaca (Puno) against an emergency truck of Lima Airport Partners (LAP), They came to light after the investigations carried out. On Friday, November 18, two firefighters lost their lives after the event.

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In the control tower, the control channel that authorizes landing and takeoff and the surface channel in charge of ordering aircraft logistics, such as baggage, aircraft parking, emergencies and more, work together.

In the audio, the surface channel manager calls the pilot of flight 2213 indicating that it must be positioned on the holding runway before beginning the takeoff process. “Lan Peru 2213. 1 alpha. Waiting point 393″, He tells.

After positioning the aircraft, the surface tells the pilot to change his frequency to communicate with control and start takeoff. “Lan Perú 2213, all set, contact the tower.”

After this, the surface contacts the rescue group that was going to carry out the test exercises, requesting that they confirm their position and awaiting authorization to carry out the exercises. “Rescue 6, surface. Position? Confirm position. Confirm, close to alpha street? Received, pay attention.”

After several seconds, surface authorizes the exercise to rescue. “Rescue 6, authorized to approach. At 90 meters from the axis of the runway, the cones on the vehicular road, side 1″.

After activating the sirens the exercise begins. This exercise was scheduled for 3 pm and was to end at 3:20. However, he did not give a chance, at 3:03 pm the accident occurred.

What was the exercise of firefighters?

The new fire rescue barracks, which is being built, was commissioned for the test exercise. It was a response time operation. It would calculate how long it takes for the rescue team to go to an intervention point.

The route was: first leave the barracks, go in the direction of the airstrip, turning right to reach the end point of the exercise. All this ended in tragedy.

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