The background of the criminal who tried to steal a car, but the victim killed him with a bullet

Identified as Ulises Leonel Camacho Ulunque, The 19-year-old criminal who died Thursday morning after being shot in the chest for trying to steal a car from a engineer with a toy gun.

It was not the first time that he tried to perpetuate an assault, since he had been arrested for a similar crime that occurred just two weeks ago, according to InfoBae.

In fact, his grandmother, who was in charge of raising him, also confirmed that the young man had a open cause for stealing a car. “He turned himself in and was only in jail for two days.” the lady confessed.

Camacho Ulunque was arrested on October 20 after taking the Renault Logan of one of his clients from the Lomas de Zamora car wash, where he worked.

The young man was captured at the intersection of Camino La Rivera and 9 de Julio, a few blocks from the business. The offense was car theft, because he did not use firearms. He was released shortly after.

The death of the young man happened yesterday around 7 am on the corner of Paraguay and Constitución streets. The engineer in question, aged 54, was approached by the suspect that he wanted to steal his Dark gray Volkswagen Suran, however, he was armed and fired a shot to the chest.

The event was recorded by the cameras of the place, so the agents determined that it was an attempted assault. The car belonged to the electronics engineer. According to InfoBae, the researchers were able to verify that it was a replica gun.

“He should have been imprisoned, not dead”, declared Germán, the boy’s grandfather, who also maintained that he had no knowledge of the toy gun. “Should have shot him in the leg, not the chest”, said the man.

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The victim’s weapon was seized and it transpired that the man lives in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo and is shooting expertthe gun is a Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro caliber .45, with magazine of nine ammunition.

After analyzing the records, prosecutor Gastón Duplaá, from the Thematic Homicide Instruction Functional Unit (UFI) of the Judicial Department of La Matanza, determined that the man cannot be arrested, since he acted in self-defense.

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