The best ASMR you will see today is the creation of this beautiful Ferrari F40 at 1:24 scale

The best ASMR you will see today is the creation of this beautiful Ferrari F40 at 1:24 scale

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If you call yourself Petrolhead, I have no doubt that you love model cars. It’s a really expensive hobby, unfortunately. A good 1:24 scale model can cost a lot of money, and even a good 1:43 scale model can be really expensive. However, there is a lower cost alternative for the more handyman: build your own model from scratch. In the video that you will see today you will be able to see the deliciously relaxing process of creating a Tamiya brand model, 1:24 scale of the spectacular Ferrari F40.

In truth, this video is an ASMR book. It is a pleasure for your senses, which you will savor from start to finish. The assembly of a model at this level is complex, and it is a 100% handmade process, which even begins with the manual sanding and polishing of imperfections in plastic parts that compose it The painting process is worthy of an assembly line, with primer, several coats of paint and lacquer. Weathering techniques are applied to elements such as the wheels, and inside, tiny decals are used for instrumentation.

I should start building scale models like this, but I don’t have time for more hobbies.

It is a work of precision, patience and a lot of experience. In fact, the process can be intimidating, especially when seeing how this artist – he has no other name – paints the window frames, after masking them with masking tape and cutting their contours with a cutter. The rear grill is even replaced by a real fiber mesh. Everything is complex, but the final result is simply spectacular. It is so impressive that it is difficult to distinguish it from the real car.

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