The Best Spy Shots For The Week Of August 29 put up spy shots of oncoming vehicles almost daily and sometimes more than that. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s on the road, check out our list of all development vehicles from last week.

We got some additional spy shots of the updated BMW 1 Series this week. The quad exhaust layout suggests this is one of the sportier models. It’s unclear whether the model name will change to the M140i.

BMW removed some camouflage from this 5 Series development vehicle. We got a better look at the grille, which is much smaller than the latest Series 4 and M3. Styling accentuates the width of the sedan.

Here comes the new Ford Transit Custom. The changes are quite minor, including a reshaped grille and new headlights.

Unlike the Custom Transit, this Transit Courier uses a lot of camouflage. However, the design of the headlights and grille is similar to that of the larger model.

The Pagani C10 debuted on September 12, but these photos provide a glimpse of the hypercar ahead of its debut. It continues to use a quad exhaust layout mounted on top of a familiar brand. Power comes from a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine sourced from Mercedes-AMG.

Additional spy shots of the facelifted Polestar 2 show his progress in the mountains. There have been tweaks to the front fascia and grille styling.

Porsche seems to be constantly working on a new or updated version of the 911 GT3. At least in this vehicle, there are no changes to the front, but there is a wide cover over the rear bumper.

Porsche hardly bothers to hide the refreshed Cayenne at this point. This one, there is a sticker around the headlights and a partial cover on the taillights. Otherwise, here’s what to expect from the updated model.

This spy video offers a chance to hear the upcoming Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder RS. The vehicle is basically a Cayman GT4 RS but without the roof.

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