The cheap hybrid anti-SUV, with 700 liters of trunk, for which it is worth waiting until 2023 to buy a new car

If you’re looking for a roomy, hybrid, low-priced car that doesn’t necessarily have to be an SUV, we have good news. The arrival of the new 2023 will bring an interesting novelty to the market that will give a lot to talk about, since it will be the moment in which it is put up for sale. the cheapest hybrid car with up to 7 seats and 708 liters of trunk on the market. It is a crossover that will be marketed in a hybrid version for the first time and that It will have a price around 24,000 eurosthus becoming one of the most recommended purchases in its category.

Under the name of Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140the firm owned by Renault intends to turn the hybrid car marketOnce again betting on a formula where the quality/price ratio prevails. Since its arrival on the market in March 2022, the Dacia Jogger has rightfully become one of the best anti-SUV options, since using a half family, half crossover body, it has managed to win the favor of the public that demands plenty of interior space (available with 5 or 7 seats), a large trunk (up to 708 liters) and an adjusted purchase price (from 17,000 euros).

The Jogger Hybrid will be the cheapest hybrid in its category

Now, this affordable crossover formula is joined by the possibility of installing a Non-plug-in gasoline hybrid engine of Renault origin. This engine belonging to the E-TECH family combines a 90 CV 1.6 naturally aspirated gasoline engine and a 50 CV electric engine, thus achieving a maximum combined power of 140 hp. The battery used is lithium ion, has a capacity of 1.2 kWh and works at 230 volts, being covered by a guarantee of 8 years or 160,000 km.

The best thing about this engine, which we have already tested in models such as the Renault Captur, is that it manages to offer a fairly high level of efficiency with consumption around 5/100 km, especially in urban driving since up to 80% of trips in the city can be done in 100% electric mode.

Although the Jogger in its LPG versions, which currently represent 66% of its sales, already enjoys the ECO label, the arrival of this hybrid variant is even more interesting due to the possibilities of its electrified mechanics under the same environmental label. granted by the DGT. In addition, according to the first data offered by Dacia, the Jogger Hybrid 140 will be capable of throwing autonomy of up to 900 kilometers per tankwhich also make it a very serious alternative to diesel cars.

The hybrid Dacia Jogger, on sale in 2023

Dacia has already confirmed that As of January 2023, the Dacia Jogger Hybrid will be available for purchase, with the first deliveries to customers being made in March. We are therefore talking about an imminent launch that will surely reap great sales success, as we remember that Dacia promised to make the Jogger Hybrid the cheapest car in its category. Without having communicated official prices yet, if we take a look at the Dacia Jogger prices and offers in SpainIt seems logical to think of a price around 24,000 euros for the new Jogger Hybrid.

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