The cheapest compact car, and one that offers you the most, does not have a diesel or gasoline engine

In MG Motor they seem to be willing to burst the market, not only with a series of models that are climbing positions in the best-seller lists due to their economic proposal, being in a price range than general brands, and economic ones like Dacia, have left, probably never to return.

MG has just ventured out with a zero-emission product, which introduces a more daring aesthetic, and more technology, to become the electric car that offers the most with a tighter budget, the MG4.

And not only that. The MG4 has made, for the first time, an electric car as cheap as its diesel and gasoline alternatives. and has also achieved that today we cannot find a compact on the market – with a diesel and gasoline engine – that offers more for what it costs than an MG4.

There are very few compact cars, the size of the MG4, that can be purchased for less than €20,000, and none of them is electric, nor is it so equipped as standard.

A compact for less than €20,000 that is not diesel or gasoline

The MG4 is available from €19,280, a price at which today no electric car of its size can be purchased, similar to that of a SEAT León (which is 2 centimeters shorter). To achieve this, MG has included a discount of €1,210, as well as an additional discount – which has brought its price down from the €21,280 that could be purchased up to now to €19,280 – for financing the purchase with the Santander Promo promotion. -Finance.

To achieve this price, aid from the MOVES III Plan must also be applied, which in the case of delivering an old car for scrapping amounts to €7,000. But MG has arranged a promotion for which it anticipates aid from the MOVES Plan, with an interest-free loan of up to €7,000, with a 12-month term and 11-month grace period. So that the client has one year to apply for aid and that they be granted.

The MG4 in this offer, the cheapest, has a 125 kW motor (170 HP of power) and a battery that offers a range of 350 kilometers.

No other compact more equipped for that price

The MG4 is not the cheapest car of its size. On the market we find several compact cars that can be purchased for less than €19,280, but in all cases with gasoline engines and much tighter standard equipment.. compact as the Hyundai i30 from €17,170the Fiat Tipo from €18,410the Skoda Scala from €18,700 and the Kia Ceed from €18,750.

We are not only dealing with a compact that is electric and, therefore, has significantly more expensive technology. But None of the compact cars on the market at that price offer the standard equipment that the MG4 does come standard with. and which includes the following:

  • Full LED headlights
  • 16″ alloy wheels
  • Auto start and keyless entry
  • Remotely connected applications mG Ismart Lite
  • Entertainment system with 10.25″ screen and Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Digital instrumentation with 7″ screen

With this commercial policy and with products that, in our opinion, offer a level of equipment and quality that is more than correct for its price, MG is climbing positions to become one of the best-selling brands in Spain. In October, the electric version of the MG ZS became the fourth best-selling electric car in Spain. Its gasoline version, available for €12,950, also became the fourth best-selling gasoline car on the market.

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