The cheapest electric car on the market costs €10,995, but you shouldn’t buy it without understanding its limitations

Did you think that the cheapest electric car on the market was the Dacia Spring? Believe it or not, there is cheapest electric cars for sale in Spain. One of them is the car that stars in this article, the Invicta D2S. It is not a light quadricycle or a heavy quadricycle, it is a tourism, and of course we need 18 years and the B card to drive it. This car is 100% electric and has a range of up to 150 km. It costs only 10,995 eurosbut you must be very clear about its characteristics and limitations if you are tempted by its price.

The Invicta D2S is a car sold by Invicta Electric. This brand is Spanish, and more than a brand, it is a marketplace for electric vehicles of all kinds. In addition to bicycles, motorcycles or industrial vehicles, the Invicta Group will sell you small urban cars, which can be registered both as quadricycles and as passenger cars. The Invicta D2S It is a two-seater electric tourism. It is a very, very small car: it measures 2.81 meters in length, 1.50 meters high and 1.55 meters wide. Its wheelbase is only 1,765 millimeters.

It is not a quadricycle, it is registered as tourism.

It is a very light car, weighing only 865 kilos in its basic version. Its battery is mounted under the passenger compartment and has 17.3 kWh capacity. Its electric motor drives the front axle and has a power of only 23.1 hp. This clearly limits its benefits: its top speed is 90 km/h, although due to its approval as tourism, we could circulate on a fast track. In mixed use, Invicta Electric claims that its electric range is 120 kilometers. With these data, it is a car limited mainly to the city and its surroundings.

I was able to test this car briefly in a contact with the Invicta product range a few weeks ago, confirming its almost exclusively urban character. Invicta sells another D2S with a larger battery (25.9 kWh) and a 34 CV electric motor. It has better performance (top speed of 105 km/h) and 220 km of average autonomy, even using the same platform and having similar dimensions. Regarding its equipment, it is a car with a correct standard equipment, without having any great luxuries.

Even though it is a very small two-seater car, it boasts a trunk of no less than 380 liters.

In it standard equipment we have a digital display such as instrumentation, air conditioning, imitation leather upholstery and an infotainment equipment that is still a kind of generic tablet with Android as the operating system. However, its interior finishes are poor and the car feels cheap, very basic at the level of adjustments and finishes. Being a car and being approved for circulation in the European Union, it has certain security measures, although lower than other rivals.

We talk about single airbag, ABS and ESP, and lacks advanced driving assistance such as lane keeping assistant. The Invicta D2S has not been subjected to EuroNCAP crash tests. All in all, Invicta Electric offers 5 year warranty or 100,000 km for this city car. By the way, although its trade name is Invicta D2S, this car is really a Zhidou D2S. It is a car developed and manufactured in China by a subsidiary of Geely. Its main attraction, from our point of view, is its price of only 10,995 euros.

Its only direct rival is the Dacia Spring, which is superior in all aspects.

This price requires financing the purchase of the vehicle and is so appraised because it is a car and can benefit from the MOVES III Plan, deducting those 7,000 euros from its price. Its most powerful and capable version is 4,000 euros more expensive, staying at 14,995 euros with aid. Its only direct rival is the Dacia Spring, also a very basic vehicle, but with more reliable features and 230 km of autonomy, in addition to being larger and more equipped – for a price that with discounts remains at 12,754 euros. Other rivals, more expensive, but far superior are the electric Renault Twingo or the smart fortwo.

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