The cheapest saloon from Mercedes has been renewed, and is now more efficient and technological than ever

The cheapest saloon from Mercedes has been renewed, and is now more efficient and technological than ever

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that the range of access, the “A” family, represents a basic role within the sales lists of Mercedes-Benz is something that no one dares to deny anymore. The truth is that since the birth of the first Class A more than 25 years ago, the Mercedes access family has been evolving and multiplying its proposals. One of the derivatives of the current A-Class is the Mercedes CLA, a sedan with coup√© overtones that has conquered the general public since its first generation. The current one, the second, has just been renewed in the same way that its brothers, Class A and Class B, did a few months ago.

The Mercedes CLA is, as its name suggests, a kind of “mini Mercedes CLS”. With an aesthetic that is undoubtedly one of its great sales arguments, the brand has been able to exploit the approach of this model very well, which, Despite being part of the “A” family, it measures 4.7 meters long. This makes its habitability and poise remarkable, making this CLA convincing a higher percentage of customers.

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The update of this model will arrive in the coming weeks at dealers in our country, although At the moment the current CLA is still being marketed and is available, also being the cheapest Mercedes that you can buy today. It is to be expected that when the official prices of this renewal are known, there will be a rise in the final price so that, if you do not mind taking a CLA before its update, it is time to take a Mercedes at a great price.

The new Mercedes CLA is electrified and technified

At an aesthetic level, it is necessary to have a true “clinical eye” to identify the changes of the new CLA 2023 with respect to the Mercedes CLA that hit the market in 2019. We are talking about new front and rear bumpers (with shapes very similar to the current ones) and some light groups whose internal design has been modified. The rear lights also change their internal arrangement, counting in any case with LED technology. There is no shortage of new colors for the bodywork, as well as wheels with an updated design.

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Inside the changes are somewhat more visual: the current steering wheels are replaced by those mounted on the renewed Class C and Class E, while the MBUX infotainment system improves its operation, adds wireless compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto and eliminates the trackpad that was located to date in the center console. In its place, the mark of the star has placed a small storage compartment.

On a technical level, the changes reach the range of gasoline engines: all models receive a pertinent 48V light electrification system, so that obtain the DGT ECO label. Did I say all? I lie: all but one, the top of the range CLA 45 S AMG, which maintains its 421 CV without any action from electricity. Diesel engines remain unchanged, while the CLA 250e plug-in hybrid variant improves its powerslightly worsens its performance and increases its approved electric autonomy, which goes from 72 to 82 km.

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