The Chinese wild card for the bZ3 to be Toyota’s cheapest and most appetizing electric

The second electric car in Toyota’s new bZ range has just been unveiled. It’s called Toyota bZ3 and its goal is to be an affordable electric car capable of taking on the Tesla Model 3. But his ambitions do not stop there, since this model will seek to become one of the brand’s best-selling electric cars, offering a autonomy capable of reaching 600 km for each full charge. The bad new? Seeing the Toyota bZ3 in Europe will be difficult, if not impossible.

Toyota presents its new electric car as one of the most interesting models in the electrification strategy that it has planned for its range, since we are facing a saloon of 4.7 meters in length whose objective is to give life to an electric of adjusted price, but at the same time with a lot of interior space and a more than convincing autonomy, being able to reach 600 km with each full charge. According to the first estimates, in China the Toyota bZ3 will be priced around 28,000 euros, while the equivalent Tesla Model 3 exceeds 38,000 euros.

The Toyota bZ3 is the kind of affordable electric car that we need in markets like Spain

Nevertheless the Toyota bZ3 is an electric car that has been designed by and for China, having in fact been developed under a collaboration agreement between Toyota and the Chinese manufacturer BYD. In fact, one of the most striking points of this electric car is that makes use of a battery manufactured by BYDbut not just any battery, but rather the brand’s Blade battery, a design that is presented as indestructible and that also promises low degradation, which allows the Toyota bZ3 to have a guarantee that ensures conserving 90% of the battery capacity after 10 years.

If we take into account that the production of the Toyota bZ3 will also take place in China, it seems extremely unlikely that Toyota will change its plans to export it to other markets. However, if we take into account that its manufacturing cost and purchase price will be significantly lower than that of the bZ4Xand that the barrage of Chinese electric cars in Europe has only just begun, we must not rule out that in the long-term future Toyota may change its mind to have an electric capable of standing up to the Chinese offensive.

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