The Colorful School Bus RV Conversion Is A Small Home And Music Studio

Many RV bus conversions make room for the basics of life on the road. However, that won’t be enough for one couple and their big plans. The two artists built the bus to be a tiny house on wheels as they traveled from Alaska to Argentina, but their home needed space for their project, which included a music studio set up.

The outside of the bus should be the first indication that something is different. This massive vehicle has a stunning and colorful exterior paint scheme, blending red, teal, white, yellow, and blue to form a pretty mural. Above, there’s a roof deck, 10 solar panels, and a StarLink Tesla internet receiver.

Inside, the focus is put on art. There is a long sofa on one side, which can be converted into a bed. It is located opposite the dining table and chairs which can be converted into another sofa or bed. Behind the living area is the kitchen, which has a four burner hob, oven, microwave and fridge. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom, which has a small shower and a composting toilet.

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The studio is at the back and features thick walls covered in wool and other materials to keep sound out and stop it echoing inside. The studio hides 11 instruments, including several guitars, saxophone, accordion and flute. The room is also the master bedroom, with the bed tucked into the wall. There is also storage space for their clothes, but they often use it to store more gear.

At the back of the bus is the garage area, which holds various equipment for the two as they make their journey across North and South America. It took nine months to build, three times longer than expected, but they had to learn as they were made.

Buses are clean sheets ready for whatever the owner wants. The build above shows that anything is possible if you really want it. Having a mobile studio in an RV bus conversion sounds difficult to install, but Cora and Jose Luis show it can be done. Now they’re exploring the globe, making art and music together and in community along the way.

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