The country that wants to test autonomous buses

Israel is testing units carrying autopilotso you are looking at how the autonomous buses.

Autonomous buses to be tested in Israel

Israel will be the first country to test the operation of autonomous buses as the nation attempts to automate transportation options. This measure seeks to decongest traffic while increasing security and optimizing the service.

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Four bus companies have been selected for the first tests: Egged, Metropolin, Dan and Nateev Express. The first rides in the test units will not be available to the public, safety and commercial viability must first be demonstrated.


When the efficiency is proven they will be placed to the public, traveling the bus lines for a trial period of two years.

According to Jerusalem Post, the main reason is to address Israel’s labor shortage, as there is a huge shortage of bus drivers. The government is granting half of the NIS funding 61 million (US$ 17 million dollars), with the collaboration of the Israel Innovation Authority and Ayalon Highways.

There are no autonomous technology providers yet, but there are 600 smart transportation startups based in Israel.

“The State of Israel is leveraging the autonomous vehicle to improve Israeli public transportation, which will eventually make Israel a world leader in autonomous public transportation pilots, enabling Israeli companies to become world leaders in this sector,” said the president of IIA, the Dr. Ami Appelbaum.

This measure is expected to be reliably adopted throughout the country in the coming years. Improving the ever-increasing traffic.

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