The curious sin behind this LaFerrari that could earn it a new auction record

The curious sin behind this LaFerrari that could earn it a new auction record

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Would you be able to buy a Ferrari in another color than red? To help you in your answer today we bring you the curious case of a very special Ferrari LaFerraria unique unit in the world that is currently looking for a new owner and that has everything to achieve a new auction record. The reason? a waste of differentiation and good taste that is not always found in this world, but that today we are going to know in detail.

Evil tongues say that all self-respecting Ferrari should be painted in red, and historically this unwritten law has been fulfilled with red being the paint most requested by the clients of the cavallino. However, fortunately times change and more and more buyers are choosing to commit the “sin” of taking risks with new shades and combinations, which in cases like this shows that the fact of not choosing the color red was a success.

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On January 26 in the United States, this peculiar unit of the Ferrari LaFerrari will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s, one of the 499 cars manufactured in a coupe body, but which has the honor of being unique in its lineage due to the chromatic configuration used. Its bodywork looks “Blu Elettrico” paint, being the only LaFerrari to leave the factory with this color, using “Cream” leather inside as a contrast. This specification is what makes this LaFerrari unique and unrepeatable compared to the rest of the manufactured units, motivating the auction house to have set the price between 4 and 4.5 million dollars.

The owner of this LaFerrari already achieved a record – still valid – after selling his 1962 250 GTO with chassis 3413 for a whopping 48.4 million dollars

With 963 CV hybrids that represent the first step of Ferrari in the world of electrification, the Ferrari LaFerrari has become a coveted collector’s item, picking up the baton from other highly prized illustrious figures such as the Enzo, the F50, the F40 or the 288 GTO. Its odometer barely shows 3,186 miles, also counting on what is known as the Ferrari Classiche yellow book that certifies the maintenance and original condition of this unit.

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