The curtain airbag: what is it and what additional protection does it offer compared to other airbags?

In our car we have many passive safety elements that help us in the event of an accident. Probably the elements that come to mind are the seat belt or the airbags. These elements are very important for our life when we suffer a crash since they prevent us from being thrown and receiving a blow. However, within the airbags we can find several types that are located in different places. Today we will focus on explaining what is the curtain airbag and what is it for?

What is a curtain airbag?

A curtain airbag is one that unfolds from the roof arch downwards. It covers the windows of the car as if it were a curtain, hence its name.

with this airbag we protect our head and neck when we suffer a side impact. Normally, the cars that include it carry it in the rear and front seats.

How long does it take for the curtain airbag to deploy?

Normally, the deployment of an airbag bag can take a few 30 milliseconds but it depends on the type of airbag it is. In the case of the curtain airbag, they are usually faster than the passenger airbag, but few thousandths of a second more.

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In the deflation process, it will take about a few 50 thousandths of a second in order to cushion the blow.

Use of other security elements

Carrying several airbags in our car does not exempt us from wearing a seat belt, obviously. We must remember that an airbag is effective if we use the seat belt since it will retain us in case of impact, preventing us from being fired.

This airbag also is combined with the side airbag, that comes out of the driver’s door preventing us from colliding with it, protecting the hip and chest. Both airbags will fire at the same time.

Why is this type of airbag important?

It is very important that when we suffer an accident, we are well protected. In the case of the curtain airbag, if it were not present, our head or neck could hit the window glass and we could even break it. This can cause very serious injuries or even death, with an airbag like this we can reduce injuries.

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In addition, even if the glass breaks, we will be safe from the crystals that break off since the airbag will be in the way and will cover us, preventing us from getting hurt.

This does not mean that it is the most important, all airbags are important since cEach one is responsible for protecting an area of ​​our body. Therefore, if an airbag has already been activated once, we cannot think that the ones we have left that have not been activated is enough, we must change it immediately to be prepared for another possible accident.

It is also true that the curtain airbag is not mandatory and not all cars have it, having it adds a security plus so if it has been activated, we should change it.

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