The cyclist escort vehicle is a roadside aid for cyclists that can save lives

There are many accidents suffered by cyclists in the past due to drivers with little road education. As a way of improving coexistence between those who drive a car and cyclists, the cyclist escort vehicle. Their goal is to make roads safer for cyclists.

It is very common to see this type of vehicle in cycling competitions that exceed 50 participants. here you will learn what is a cyclist escort vehicletheir functions, the rules they must follow, among other related aspects.

What is a cyclist escort vehicle?

A cyclist escort vehicle is a vehicle designed to follow cyclists who travel long distances. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment for provide technical support to cyclists during their tours. Serve as an aid to cyclists to reach their destination safely and without problems.

These vehicles are designed to withstand the rigorous nature of mountain or high mountain terrain where cyclists typically travel. They carry a wide selection of equipment such as lights, cameras, GPS, compressors, reinforced tires, tools, first aid supplies, fuel and other essential items.

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What characteristics does the cyclist escort vehicle have in Spain?

this vehicle is an invaluable asset for cyclists in Spainas it provides them with a safe way to travel. It is equipped with a variety of features:

  • flashing light system to alert drivers of the bicyclist’s presence.
  • Siren to alert drivers of any potential hazards.
  • GPS tracking system to ensure the safety of the cyclist.
  • two way radio systemwhich allows cyclists to communicate with the driver in an emergency.

These vehicles also offer a variety of additional services, such as luggage transport, food and beverage provision, among other things. They are an essential tool for cyclists in Spain, giving them peace of mind knowing that they are safe and protected while riding.

How should a vehicle accompanying cyclists circulate in Spain?

According to Spanish law, Vehicles accompanying cyclists must meet a series of requirements to circulate safely and legally. These requirements include carrying a taillight, headlight, brake signal, turn signal, and warning signal.

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They must respect traffic signs and speed limits established by law. Finally, the drivers of these vehicles must have a valid driver’s license to drive on Spanish roads.

All groups of 50 or more cyclists they must travel with an accompanying vehicle, equipped with the V-22 signal. To ensure the safety of all cyclists, it is essential that these regulations are followed. In front and at the end of the cyclist group there must be an escort vehicle with a sign indicating the presence of cyclists.

You must carry the breakdown and dipped lights, always on during the accompaniment. The cars that precede the march must additionally carry red flags. At the end of the group of cyclists, the accompanying vehicle must display a notice indicating the end of the grouping and display green flags.

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