The DGT reminds us again what elements are mandatory to carry on the bicycle

Bicycles are one more type of vehicle, and therefore, their drivers must comply with certain rules if they do not want to be fined, although sometimes those rules are somewhat unknown to its users. That is why the DGT through Twitter reminds us once again that it is mandatory to use front and rear position lights, as well as a rear reflectora reminder that is especially important on these dates with fewer hours of sunshine.

Thus, as reflected in article 22 of the General Vehicle Regulations, the bicycles must be equipped with a white front position light and a red rear position light, both approved, as well as a non-triangular rear reflector or reflector. These items are mandatory whenever they circulate at night, in sections affected by the tunnel sign or with low visibility conditionsboth inside and outside the town.

The fine for not carrying position lights on the bicycle is €80

However, also the use of reflectors on the pedals and spokes is recommended to gain visibility and use the rear position light even during the day and in favorable weather conditions. In addition, at this point it should be clarified that according to the Instruction 18s/146 of the DGT flashing taillights are allowedas long as they do not dazzle other road users, and it is that until the publication of the same, some cyclists have been fined despite the proliferation of this type of lights that in practice are safer due to their greater visibility and the fact that they are automatically associated with a cyclist or a runner.

But that is not the only element that is part of the mandatory provision to go by bike, because as we already told you, according to the same article of the aforementioned regulation all cycles must incorporate a bellan essential element to announce their presence and thus avoid possible collisions with other road users such as pedestrians, a risk that often occurs when the bike lane runs on the sidewalk itself.

Not having any of the mandatory elements described above supposes a €80 finean amount that is reduced by half thanks to the discount for prompt payment. However, the penalty for not having the lighting on when it is time to scale up to €200, all of these regulations being also mandatory for other VMP such as electric scooters.

Likewise, we must also remember that it is mandatory wear a helmet on a bicycle whenever traveling on interurban roadsexcept on long ramps or in extremely hot conditions, as reflected in article 118.1 of the General Traffic Regulationsbeing in this case the €200 fine without loss of pointssince bicycle drivers cannot have points removed from their driver’s license.

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