The discharge of Fernando Alonso after the Mexican GP “I was making a fool of myself, the fact that the engine broke was the best thing”

Fernando Alonso he left again, this time during the Mexican Grand Prix. The Spaniard was left without being the best of mortals because of the mechanics of his car.

After starting with medium tires at the bottom of the Top 10, the Spaniard was able to maintain a good pace, and even gain positions after the disaster of Lando Norris, direct rival in the fight for constructors, and a Valtteri Bottas who had no chance while he was on the track.

Everything seemed that a good race was coming for Alonso to continue climbing in the drivers’ classification and in the teams’ classification. However, everything was blown up.

continuous disappointment

“Amazing, man. What a season, what a season…” said Alonso when his Alpine A522 forced him to slow down until, in a matter of a couple of turns, his engine said enough… one more time.

It was then that even his teammate, Esteban Ocon, passed him without problems due to problems with the power unit.

There are only two races left for the end of the season, Brazil and Abu Dhabi are the appointments and Alonso is against the sword and the wall because a penalty is coming for mounting a new propeller.

Impotence invaded Alonso who commented on what happened: “Halfway through the race more or less I was comfortable; the truth is that both in Austin and here he was having the best races of the year. I was like 30 seconds ahead of the compi and the McLarens, and in the end I lost a cylinder”.

“I was on 5 cylinders for 20 laps, making a bit of a fool of myself, and finally it broke, which was the best thing”, he added.

“I wanted to stop for a long time, but the team wanted to see if there was a Safety Car or something and with a miracle we stayed in the points, so… well, again only the #14 car, as always, and the truth is that I am very disappointed. ”, he continued.

“It went very well until the engine stopped again, so… happy with the more or less personal performance, with how the race went, much better than yesterday, a good pace today, but… there are only two left”, he concluded.

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