The drastic action of General Motors on Twitter after Elon Musk acquired the social network

Drastic action by General Motors on Twitter
Image courtesy of Carscoops – Drastic action by General Motors on Twitter

General Motors I take one drastic action by suspending its advertising in Twitter now that the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk officially owns of the social media platform. The temporary move comes as the Detroit-based manufacturer, USA, try to get an idea of ​​the direction in which Twitter is heading. GM is the first major automaker to make such a change at a time of uncertainty.

The company told CNBC: “We are interacting with Twitter to understand the direction of the platform under its new ownership. As is the normal course of business with a significant change to a media platform, we have temporarily stopped our paid advertising. Our customer support interactions on Twitter will continue.”

The drastic action of General Motors on Twitter

Such a move may be normal for General Motors, but so far it is the only major automaker to suspend advertising after the Musk acquisition. In contrast, other brands, such as citroen they were amused a little more with the news. “Hello to the social media platform owned by one of our competitors,” they commented via a Tweet from the brand.

The concern of advertisers is not new and it is not surprising. And it is that, other prominent names in the automotive industry, such as Henrik Fisker, have also taken their measures. The well-known designer and CEO of electric vehicle startup Fisker Inc did not wait to find out if the offer of Musk to buy Twitter would take place or not. This, on the other hand, deleted his account the same day the news broke. Although his car company remains on the platform.

According to another Wall Street Journal story, about a dozen brands have asked to stop their advertising on Twitter. Elon Musk targeted advertisers specifically with a long post that ironically didn’t fit on Twitter as normal text.

Image courtesy of El Español – Drastic action by General Motors on Twitter

In the publication he expresses that «advertising, when done well, can delight, entertain and inform; can show you a service or product… that you never knew existed, but is right for you…Low relevance ads are spambut highly relevant ads are actually content!”

He went on to thank those who still advertise with the platform, ending his post by saying, “Let’s build something extraordinary together«. For now, General Motors it will not build anything together with Musk and Twitter. But only time will tell if other manufacturers will follow suit or be aligned with the CEO.


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