The €25,000 Tesla that could break the electric car market

Tesla has managed to position itself as a benchmark for electric cars. And all this with a range in which the cheapest model at the moment, the Tesla Model Y, stands at €51,200. But this is only the beginning.

Elon Musk has been announcing for a long time and, why not say it, increasing the expectation about it, to later throw jugs of cold water, a Tesla that would start with a price from € 25,000.

The reality, today, is that the scenario in which Tesla could market a Tesla for around €25,000 is still far away. A product that would undoubtedly break the market. And about which Elon Musk himself has spoken again.

The Tesla that would break the electric car market

As we told you, Tesla – or rather Elon Musk – He has been talking for years about a model that can start at €25,000. The optimization of its construction processes, in which the most veteran automobile industry has put all its attention, would allow Tesla to reduce costs, and we understand that offering a minimum of equipment, features and autonomy, such as to create a good electric car that costs half as much as a Model 3 or a Model Y.

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But in January Elon Musk would throw the jug of cold water and during the presentation of results for the last quarter of 2021 ruled out that Tesla planned to launch a new model this year and, above all, an affordable Tesla.

But, again, in a presentation of results, those of the third quarter of the year, Elon Musk has resurrected this idea again.

A Tesla for €25,000?

Tesla has stated these days that they are working on a new platform for electric vehicles with a cost that would be half that of the one used by Model 3 and Model Y. It’s a long way from getting a platform that costs half as much, to offering a final product, an electric car that costs half as much.

But we would undoubtedly be facing the cheapest Tesla, which could be around €25,000 or €30,000 and enjoy a privileged position in the market, ranking as one of the best electric cars for its price, if we also have the aid for the purchase of existing electric vehicles in Spain through the MOVES Plan.

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We know that Tesla has made great strides to achieve this. And also that it has encountered numerous difficulties, reasonable on the other hand, that have prevented that economic Tesla from materializing.

Electric cars for less than €25,000

Let’s remember that in this price range there are not many options available in the electric car market. Today, the cheapest electric car is the Dacia Spring, which starts at €12,404 (including MOVES) with a very very modest and eminently urban proposal.

The MG 4 Electric is, priced at €21,280 (including MOVES), the most pleasant surprise this year, as it is an electric car with compact dimensions (size of the SEAT León) with a price that, today, would have no rival in the market.

Find a electric car, even second hand, in that price range, it’s not easy either. Although there are options, such as the Nissan Leaf, or the one that we show you below from our portal What car did I buy?, the Renault Zoe.

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