The electric of the moment is no longer as cheap as before, but is it still a winning option?

2022 It has been a great year for MG, the British firm that for years has already been owned by the Chinese group SAIC. The revival of the brand has been complete, with a large investment that has been transformed into a very complete range that, in addition, is marketed in some cases at the most interesting prices. We are talking about models like the MG4, a 100% electric compact that in the last months of the year has become one of the master purchases of 2022. In 2023 it has been released with a price increase, but… is it still interesting?

We already know, and you already know the MG4, a compact from China with a platform specifically designed to accommodate electric motors that, of course, is configured as a 100% electric car. My partner Sergio Álvarez has put it to the test a few weeks ago: on our channel Youtube you have your review, where you can know all the details of an electric compact that It has left a very good taste in our mouths for the entire Diariomotor team.

The MG4, in addition to being a very complete electric car, has the great advantage of being offered at a very attractive price. In fact, until a few days ago its price was even lower than the psychological barrier of €20,000 if all available discounts and promotions were applied, a great advantage for the brand that has achieved a very wide customer base in just a few months. Nevertheless, If you are thinking of getting an MG4 right now, we have bad news for you… the electric compact has gone up in price.

The MG4 has gone up in price, is it still interesting?

From a minimum price of €19,280 if all possible discounts were applied, the MG4 has come to cost at least €20,480. It is, therefore, an increase of €1,200 that makes the MG4, this time, overcome the barrier of €20,000. As we have already mentioned, we must apply all currently available discounts to arrive at that price. We are talking about the MOVES Plan with scrapping (which the brand “advances” to us), the brand’s €1,210 campaign for acquiring an electric model and the additional €2,000 for financing the amount.

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In return we will take home a finished MG4.”standard“, whose standard equipment is already very complete by including elements such as:

  • Full LED headlights
  • 16″ alloy wheels
  • Dual digital screen (10.25″ instrumentation and 7″ entertainment system
  • Auto start and keyless entry
  • rear parking sensor
  • air conditioning
  • Telematic control from mobile application

At a mechanical level we are talking about a 170 hp engine powered by a lithium-ion battery from 51 kWh capable of recharging to a maximum power of 117 kW to offer an approved autonomy of 350 km. The brand does not specify any details about the financing, although it is expected that in case of opting for this payment method, the final price that we pay for the car will be higher than the aforementioned €20,480.

In my opinion this model is still an extraordinary purchase if we take into account everything that it offers for the price that the brand asks us for. After all, we are talking about one of the cheapest compacts on the market, including models with a heat engine. If we also take into account that we are talking about a model whose equipment is sufficiently generous and which also has a power of 170 CV, the balance is still clearly positive for the MG4.

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The MG4 in What car do I buy?

The MG4 is one of the most interesting models at the moment, and if you want to find out more about the Chinese compact, you can do it through our comparator portal What car do I buywhere you will find the most up-to-date information and data, with the best real prices on the market. At a quick glance you will be able to know all the data of both this model and any other car on the market.

Also, thanks to our buying guides, You will be able to find out the most important thing about the MG4, both its positive points and its points that could be improved, in just a few minutes. All this, in addition, seasoned by the opinions and reviews of the entire editorial team of Diariomotor.

Video test of the MG 4 Electric

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