The fashionable urban SUV for 7 euros a day: is there a trick?

We could define it as the best-selling SEAT model in Spain and also as the leader in the urban crossover segment. Any of these descriptions is valid for the SEAT Arona, the urban SUV that costs 7 euros a day: does your November offer have a trick?

Trick no, but an important nuance: the promotion that SEAT offers for the successful SEAT Aronacomes under the umbrella of SEAT My Renting. The price of the model featured in the offer (SEAT Arona TSI Reference XM Edition) is 18,330 euros, but with this modality the final figure (including taxes) is 13,208 euros. An offer valid during the month of November for private drivers.

All inclusive

The leasing conditions for the SEAT Arona are as follows: the driver must pay a down payment of 5,859 euros and then pay a monthly fee of 210 euros (VAT included)… although SEAT promotes the daily cost, which is seven euros. The lease is for a period of 36 months (three years), during which the annual mileage may not exceed 10,000 kilometers.

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SEAT My Renting includes the following services in its fees: maintenance and repair of breakdowns in the Official SEAT Network with original spare parts, complementary repair service, 24-hour roadside assistance, management of fines and payment of taxes, and specialized advice. It does not contemplate, yes, the change of tires.

How is the SEAT Arona Reference XM Edition?

The model in promotion is the one of access to the range of the urban crossover. It is equipped with a 1.0 turbo gasoline engine with three cylinders, which develops 95 CV of power and has a maximum torque of 175 Nm; It is associated with a six-speed manual transmission. Sufficient features to move the SEAT Arona with ease.

The color that is included as standard is the red ‘Pure’ and in the standard equipment we find LED headlights, roof bars and 16-inch alloy wheels. The interior of the SEAT Arona is equipped with an 8.25-inch screen, air conditioning, and it is also possible to adjust the height of the front seats.

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In section safety and driving assistance We have a fatigue detector, an involuntary lane change warning system and front assist emergency braking.

Who is the SEAT Arona for?

The SEAT Arona is conceived, by size and concept, for the city. However, he has credentials that make him a a completely valid car to travel, although this is not its main task. It behaves with poise and dynamism, establishing itself as a balanced, safe and stable car with a very good ride quality for an urban crossover. The icing on the cake is its adventurous aesthetic.

The interior of the SEAT Arona is well finished and its quality is as expected in a model in its segment. He does not neglect the comfort of the driver and his passengers: It is very well used to accommodate four adults, who will also have a trunk with a load capacity of 400 liters. A remarkable figure for an urban crossover.

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