The first 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 already crashed?

We have footage of the first known accident involving a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2023. This happened in Bloomfield, Mich. despite the fact that deliveries of the supercar have not started.

The image is shared through Instagram by the user zr1_m7. Posting shows a black C8 Corvette Z06 stopped in the middle of the road with a fire truck in the foreground.

Details about what happened have not yet come out, but it can be noted that the car sustained significant damage. For example, one of the wheels is out of position after receiving an impact. To add a bit of misfortune to the shock, this specimen appears to have the Z07 Performance Package.

The consolation for the driver of the car is that it probably wasn’t a customer request, as the Corvette Blogger suggests.

This is because while as many as 31 Corvette Z06s have been ordered, none of them have been released from the hold of assembly plant quality control. This car is likely owned by the manufacturer and was being driven by a General Motors engineer or an outside supplier.

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Deliveries to customers are expected to start next month. It’s one of the most talked about performance cars built in America, so there’s a lot of anticipation.

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