The first 2023 Ford Mustang to leave the factory could cost a million, but it’s for a very good reason

I think I am not lying when I say that we are all looking forward to the start of the production of the new Ford Mustang, both journalists and future owners. And the reason is none other than because we are, surely, before the last car to combine a manual transmission with an atmospheric V8. But that’s not why the first seventh-generation Mustang reach possibly a million dollarsbut because Ford is going to auction it off.

And it is that the firm of the oval knows perfectly that there will be cakes for getting the first unit of your muscle car. This is because, although it is a global production car without any limitation, the fact of having the first unit of a car like the Mustang and surely of its latest generation completely with combustion is a reason for many to pay a huge amount of money.

Ford will auction the first unit of the new Mustang for a good cause

Be that as it may, it will be next January 28 when Ford puts the first first-generation Mustang under the hammer. But it is fair to clarify that the American brand will not see a single cent of the final bid, and this is because the price paid for this will go entirely to the Children’s Diabetes Research Foundation.

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And it is that this will not be the first time that Ford auctions a car for a good cause, an event that already took place last October when what was generated by a Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition was destined to help with the havoc generated by Hurricane Ian . But what is known for now about this first seventh-generation Ford Mustang?

for now only the information that the brand itself has provided us, since, even if its future owner spends more than six figures on it, he will not see it in “flesh and blood” until its production begins. Although yes, you can configure it in the same way as any other Mustang customer, although it would not be unreasonable to expect from Ford some distinctive for your sports car with a special color, identification plate or exclusive upholstery.

Of course, what will not change will be the mechanics, keeping intact the atmospheric 5.0-liter V8 of up to 487 CV in the GT and 510 CV in the Dark Horse. As a high point we find the possibility of orchestrating it through a six-speed manual boxalthough you can also opt for a ten-speed automatic transmission.

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And although it is true that this first Mustang will reach an unaffordable figure for ordinary mortals, Ford keeps us on edge with the official price of the car. Although everything indicates that the new GT will have to pay more than 55,000 euros, while the Dark Hores will exceed 60,000 euros.

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