The formula to change cars avoiding price increases

In September 2021, buying a new car cost, on average, 20,229 euros. According to data from the Tax Agency, in 2022 that figure has grown by 11% to 22,739 euros. This behavior has caused drivers to look to the second-hand market… without much hope. In September 2021, the average price for these vehicles was, according to the data provided by Ganvam, 15,100 euros: now it is 17,950 euros, that is, 19% more. The scenario is not the most suitable for renovating the private garage, but there are an old formula with which it is possible to access a second-hand car avoiding inflation.

Rising prices and waiting times have led many drivers to opt for the pay-per-use model. And, now, renting has reached second-hand cars, offering models with an average age of three or four years: we can find preowned cars (with few kilometers), kilometer zero (preowned with a few years old and low mileage) and second-hand.

Second-hand car rental

The latter come from the renting of new cars: when its first owner returns it, they extend its useful life by applying this pay-per-use formula. having been protected by comprehensive insurance and have all maintenance up to date, It has become an option for having a car in good condition at an affordable price for most pockets and, moreover, with immediate availability.

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Taking a look at the rental companies that offer second-hand vehicles, the model is practically the same. All the models are subjected to a maintenance process to ensure its proper functioning in which sensitive points are checked, such as the engine, brakes, suspensions, tires… and components such as oil are changed. To this they add their corresponding interior and exterior cleaning session.

A renting almost the same as the traditional

Second-hand car rental is almost the same as a traditional one. Each company has its conditions, but, in general, they do not require entry and the monthly fee includes all related expenses to a vehicle: comprehensive insurance without excess, roadside assistance, Road Tax, ITV, maintenance, tire change… The trial period is fifteen days or a thousand kilometers (whichever comes first) and if it breaks and does not It can be fixed, they give you another model.

There are, yes, differences that are key. One of them is the amount of the monthly fee to be paid: each car has a unique offer. The terms are also different: the renting of second-hand cars is reduced to six or twelve months and after this term, the vehicle can be returned free of charge or purchased.

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15% of the rental market

Since Suitable They explain that the rise of traditional renting has led to the arrival of the one that focuses on second-hand models. According to their estimates, this formula will consolidate in a few years up to 15% of this market.

A forecast based on two pillars: price and availability. Inflation has also been reflected in renting, which has experienced a similar rise that, now, has been extended to these second-hand models: before, offers on some models were up to 30% cheaper than their new alternatives. Although this has changed in recent months, it is still a more affordable option when changing cars.

To this must be added the flexibility in contracting times and, above all, highest availability of some models: there are drivers who do not want or cannot wait five months to have a car.

The increase in the delivery times of new vehicles has been delayed due to the stoppages that have occurred in production and distribution. Currently, according to the aforementioned renting company, the average waiting time in markets such as Spain, Germany, France or Italy is six months for some models and seven if they are electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

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