The formula with which Mercedes will change the 4×4 forever

By 2024 Mercedes intends to turn the 4×4 world upside down, and the key to doing so will be the new Mercedes EQG. This fully electric version of the G-Class will hit the streets with a recipe that, although it raises many doubts among purists, the truth is that it has everything to become the most efficient off-roader we have seen to date. Should we go preparing for an electric to be the best 4×4 on the market?

In September of last 2021, Mercedes presented us with one of its most ambitious models. The electrification process in which the German manufacturer is immersed seemed to be avoiding this SUV, but nothing could be further from the truth. Developed on a completely new platform and in a totally specific way, the electrification of the G-Class will take place seeking not only not to disturb its off-road capabilities, but to improve them thanks to the advantages offered by the jump to the electric motor.

Proof of this is that the Mercedes EQG will have versions of up to 4 independent electric motors, which will mean offering an efficient all-wheel drive, capable of putting the maximum torque of each electric motor on the ground, also doing so instantly from zero revolutions. But Mercedes also announced that the EQG will offer additional functions to guarantee better performance, such as the ability to turn on itself by being able to control each motor separately, in addition to a differential lock function on each axle and one transmission with reducer for each wheel.

With all these weapons, added to even better wading ability Lacking intake for a thermal drive, the use of a rigid rear axle and ones specially reinforced basses to protect the batteries from shocksthe Mercedes EQG aims very high, as much as to even surpass the current G-Class.

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Although Mercedes has not yet offered details about its benefits, we must expect high figures of power and torque, but also of consumption due to the weight and aerodynamics that this EQG will havewhat we do know is that its serial production version will be unveiled in 2024.

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