The hybrid car that I would buy in 2023 is cheaper (and less well known) than its Toyota alternative

We continue to analyze the market, offers, and alternatives in detail, which we should assess if we are looking for a new car. We have it very clear. The true smart purchase in 2023 will not be diesel, gasoline, or electric, it will be the hybrid car.

And although Toyota is, without a doubt, the benchmark for hybrids, the one with a complete range and the one that sells the most hybrids, as we will see below, there are manufacturers that offer us no less interesting hybrids, often cheaper, that tend to pass unnoticed and not be so well known.

A full hybrid carwith 145 CV of power, with an automatic transmission and, of course, with an ECO label, for just over €19,000 and cheaper than other cars in its category with less powerful diesel and gasoline engines.

Although when talking about hybrid cars we always think of Toyota, which is no less true, it has made merits to become the true benchmark for hybrid cars, all manufacturers have been incorporating different electrified versions into their range, such as micro-hybrids and full hybrids. And although they are not as popular, brands like Renault have positioned their hybrid cars, as in the case at hand with the Renault Clio, in an unbeatable situation compared to diesel and gasoline alternatives. So that the hybrid that we will talk about today is not only a smart purchase, but also a bargainin a market that continues to become more expensive.

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The Renault Clio offers us a hybrid, automatic car, for just over €19,000.

Beyond Toyota, there are hybrids such as the Renault Clio that are positioned as a smart purchase, and even as a bargain, compared to their diesel and gasoline alternatives, and among the cheaper cars with ECO label

The true hybrid bargain is a Renault Clio

With a sale price of €19,194 for the hybrid Renault Clio, the French is equipped with a hybrid system of 145 CV of power and automatic transmission. A lower price than the cheapest Volkswagen Polo, or a Peugeot 208 diesel. This price is what we will get with all the offers and promotions applied and financing (with the Renault Preference plan).

The biggest flaw of the cheapest hybrid Renault Clio is that its standard equipment is quite poor and less than the minimum we should ask for in a modern car, although it may be enough for some buyers. It is equipped as standard with a 7″ touch screen, which does not have a browser, but does have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and 15″ steel wheels with hubcaps.

We would advise opting for a more equipped version, which would already place the Renault Clio hybrid above €20,000 which, in any case, is still a very competitive price. And if our budget is really comfortable, Renault has had the most equipped version of the hybrid Clio, called E-Tech engineered full hybridfully equipped and with a special design that includes 17″ alloy wheels.

Hybrid cars in the environment of €20,000

The most obvious alternative to the hybrid Renault Clio It is proposed by Toyota, with its reference hybrid utility, the Toyota Yaris. The cheapest is a Toyota Yaris on offer from €21,150with a full hybrid system of 116 CV of power and, obviously, Eco label. The most affordable hybrid Toyota Yaris already includes 16″ alloy wheels, 8″ touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, push-button start, automatic climate control and rear view camera.

While it is true that the cheapest hybrid Toyota Yaris is more expensive than the cheapest hybrid Renault Clio, when comparing versions with similar equipment, their prices are similar.

Today, Both the hybrid Renault Clio and the hybrid Toyota Yaris seem to us to be the two best options for those looking for a hybrid car for everyday use.with a cheap price, and not requiring more space (which would already lead us to choose hybrids from higher segments such as Renault Captur and Arkana, or Toyota Corolla and Yaris Cross).

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