The impressive plan that China has with electric cars in Chile

China's plan with electric cars in Chile
Image courtesy of T13 – China plan with electric cars in Chile

Recently, the Chinese giant BYD launched two new models, a plug-in hybrid and an electric for the Brazilian market. The company is highly recognized, as it is one of the leaders in the manufacture of lithium batteries and, therefore, low-emission vehicles. And currently the chinese company has an impressive plan with the electric cars in Chilithis according to a T13 team that traveled to São Paulo and spoke with the vice president of BYD and president of BYD America, Stella Li.

China’s plan with electric cars in Chile

The T13 Team had a conversation with Li about their plans for the South American country. Regarding the reception of the BYD brand in Latin America, Li responded, “I think it has been well received. We have 500 electric buses operating in Chile and that started five years ago. We are also in Colombia with 1,200 and we have many trucks in Mexico, plus an Uber fleet using our D1 model. In almost all Latin American countries, the penetration of our electromobility model is leading.

Next, the president of BYD America stated that Chile is an important market for the company. “Yes, Chile is a super important market for us. We like your green initiative and the leadership you are taking in that area. This is because they are the first in Latin America to implement electric buses », he began.

In the same way, he added that about the interest of investing in the country that: “BYD is a global leader in clean technology. Of 11 patents on average that we produce per day, we are granted 9. So, We will not only invest in Chile, we’ll take the technology there. We want to develop advanced lithium extraction technology and then we will give the licenses to the Chilean government for free. We will help the country and the government to develop the industry of the country. We are committed to bringing that more advanced technology, building research and development centers.”

China's plan with electric cars in Chile
Image courtesy of T13 – China’s plan with electric cars in Chile

Luxury, premium and electric cars

“Yes, the time is right,” Li expressed as to whether it was the time to invest and return to the country. It is worth mentioning that by 2016 the Chinese company left the Chilean market and no more passenger cars were sold. Although the brand is still present in the fleet of electric buses for public transport and taxis.

Also, he specified that soon they will bring between 8 and 10 models of electric vehicles to the country, so they will once again bring chinese cars Of the brand. “Coming soon. You are all invited to the launch that will take place on December 7th. Our plan is that next year they can enjoy the luxury cars, premium and electric that we have. Also of our innovative technology », he indicated.

«At least between 8 and 10 different models. The idea is to cover the demand for both passenger cars and fleets of light-duty vehicles, as well as electric trucks,” he closed.


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