The latest from Volkswagen is… an electric chair with 12 km of autonomy!

Volkswagen is one of the car manufacturers most involved in electrification, and in a few years it wants all its European sales to be 100% electric vehicles. One of the key markets to achieve this is Norway, where 2 out of 3 cars sold are zero emission. From the Norwegian subsidiary of Volkswagen is where this curious release comes from: a 100% electric office chairwith driving assistance similar to that of a car and 12 km of autonomy without emitting a single gram of COtwo. This is serious?

As you have surely guessed, no, they are not serious. This office chair is part of a promotional campaign for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Nordic country. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo is a major launch in Norway, and the brand claims that “having created the most popular work environment on wheels”, it was time to create something for all those who are “imprisoned” in their office jobs. Thus was born “Norway’s most popular workplace on five wheels”, a motorized office chair with 100% electric propulsion.

It has speakers and a lighting system. In its “party” mode we will be the soul of office parties.

The project is a one-off, go ahead. That is, it is a functional prototype, but will not be mass-produced or sold. All in all, it is fascinating and we wanted to give it its 15 minutes of fame in Diariomotor. The chair imitates the characteristics of a van – to a certain extent, of course – and has elements such as horn or LED headlights, plus reversing light or brake light. The chair also has a touch screen on its left armrest. We might even call it an “infotainment system.”

This screen allows us to handle information from the audio multimedia system and also see what is happening behind us thanks to a rear view camera and 360 degree ultrasonic sensors. Ideal to see if the boss is coming, and close Milanuncios on time, that we know each other. At the back it has a storage compartment, ideal for documents or folders. The undercarriage is made up of five wheels, the largest having 4-inch machined rims. Two of them are motorized and two pedals control the direction of the spawn.

The seat is heated. Ideal for those early winter mornings.

According to Volkswagen, its battery allows us to have up to 12 km of autonomy – enough to go from the office to the warehouse a few times – and can reach a 20km/h top speed. Unfortunately you will not be able to buy this motorized chair and it will not be produced in series, but maybe you can try it: Volkswagen Norge will organize some “test-drives” soon in Norway.

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