The latest SEAT launch is electric, has a range of 172 km and you can drive it at 15 years of age

The latest SEAT launch is electric, has a range of 172 km and you can drive it at 15 years of age

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SEAT will live a profound transformation in the rest of the decade, with a CUPRA that is presenting itself with more and more prominence, generating at the same time high profitability and good prospects for the future. However, one of the business lines that SEAT wants to exploit more in the coming years is zero emission mobility solutions. And that is why he has launched, in collaboration with Silence, an interesting line of 100% electric mopeds and scooters. And facing 2023, they present us with the access step to the range.

I have always been a strong advocate of electric urban motorcycles. Especially when combined with removable batteries. All SEAT MÓ have removable batteries, and although they can be charged without removing the battery from the bike, it makes a lot of sense that we can charge its battery comfortably in our home – as well as being an excellent anti-theft system. After launching the SEAT MÓ 125 and SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, the SEAT MÓ 50 is presented as the electric moped of the range. You can drive in Spain from the age of 15, with the AM driving license.

It has a reverse gear, something that makes parking maneuvers much easier, especially in hilly areas.

The electric motor of the MÓ 50, like its older sisters, is brushless and is located inside the rear wheel. It has 4 kW of power (5.4 HP) and generates a remarkable 100 Nm of torque. maximum. Occasionally it can develop 9.5 CV. As it is a vehicle registered as a moped, its top speed is electronically limited to 45 km/h. The good news is that in its Sport mode, the MÓ 50 reaches its top speed in just 3.8 seconds – we’ll still be the fastest at the stoplight.

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Its battery has a capacity of 5.6 kWh and its autonomy is up to 172 km, as long as we use the Eco driving mode. The battery is removable, as we told you, and it has wheels and a folding handle, as if it were a trolley. Connected to a conventional household socket, it fully recharges in a period of time between 6 and 8 hours. As for the cycle part, this electric moped has a good level running gear: it has disc brakes both in front and behind, with combined braking.

Its modern design, and its cycle part, is identical to that of the MÓ 125.

Being an electric motorcycle, it has three driving modes (Sport, City and Eco), and has regenerative braking. It is also a practical motorcycle: Two full-face helmets fit under the seat. – Such a large space is not usual in a scooter of its format – and in the box it has two USB ports to charge any type of device. The SEAT MÓ 50 will begin production in January 2023 and for the moment, its price has not yet been announced. It will begin to sell throughout the first quarter of the year.

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