The low beams do not turn on but the high beams do (+5 reasons)

The low beams do not turn on but the high beams do (+5 reasons)

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The low beams don't come on but the high beams do.
The low beams don’t come on but the high beams do.

At night, your vehicle’s headlights are extremely important, as they are responsible for showing what is coming down the road. During the day, your headlights are also important in making your vehicle easier for other drivers to see. However, it tends to happen very often in the spotlights that the normal low beams do not come onBut the high beams still work fine. This is, since the use of the low beams is to achieve a normal and limited vision of the road on which we are driving, which is why they are usually used almost daily. So, if you have this problem, then we will tell you five reasons for that Your car’s low beams won’t come onbut yes the high ones.

5. The headlight socket is corroded

The low beams don’t come on but the high beams do.

In many vehicles, the bulb is a bulb that fits into a socket where electrical connections are made. If these connections are loose, there is a poor ground connection in the circuit, or moisture has entered, the headlight bulb holder may corrode. This can first lead to a headlight flashing on and off or going off once and not coming back.

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4. Headlight Wiring Compromised

A problem with automotive wiring can also occur. This one is designed to be durable, but can also be a chew toy for rodents. Perhaps the previous owner of the vehicle felt able to rewire the headlights and they haven’t worked right since. If you suspect that wiring is the reason for problems with your headlights, we We recommend that it be reviewed by a certified specialist at your local dealer.

3. The headlight switch is broken

The low beams don’t come on but the high beams do.

A broken headlight switch can be problematic. It may get stuck in the high beam position or the switch could wear out and just not turn on the headlights at all. If the switch is found to be bad, the best response is usually replace it with a new OEM headlight switch.


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2. Headlight fuse or relay is bad

Also, like all electrical systems, your vehicle’s headlights have a fuse in the circuit to prevent too much electricity from getting to the bulb. It will also feature a headlight relay that switches power from low beam to high beam. If the fuse fails, you probably don’t have any headlights. However, if the relay fails, you will not be able to switch between high and low beams.

1. The bulb is burnt out

The low beams don’t come on but the high beams do.

Finally, and the most common reasonMany vehicles on the road today have halogen headlight bulbs with two filaments. One is for the low beams and the other for the high beams. Other models may have two separate headlight bulbs. However, since low beams are the most used, they tend to burn out much sooner than the high beams. If your low beams stop working, but your high beams still come on, there’s a good chance that the problem will be resolved by replacing your headlight bulbs with new ones.


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