The Mazda MX-5 V8 of Flyin’ Miata are already history

There is in Colorado (United States) a workshop specialized in preparations for the best-selling convertible two-seater. Flyin’ Miata is famous for transforming the Mazda MX-5 into a supercar powered by a V8 of General Motors origin. A conversion that is now history, although we had not realized it.

Last week, our colleague Javi told you the story of a 525 CV Mazda MX-5 that was for sale at Bring a Trailer: it was one of the Flyin’ Miata conversions. Soon after, someone paid 99,787 dollars (96,136 euros) for him. Now, perhaps, it could be even higher because it has become a very exclusive specimen.

Farewell to Flyin’ Miata V8s

Now, Flyin’ Miata issued the following statement in early November: “We have a long history of converted Miatas and have produced some of the most exciting MX-5s to drive the streets and highways around the world, but we have terminated our V8 conversion service.”

The American company itself explained the reasons: “Given that emissions regulations are becoming stricter and there are large fines for companies that work with devices that alter or disable emissions, we have made this difficult decision.”

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However, Flyin’ Miata has not made these conversions for a while. Keith Tanner, the owner of the company, explained to jalopnik that his shop stopped producing the V8-equipped Mazda MX-5 “Three or four years ago. No one had noticed until now.” To the reasons given in the message he added another one: it had ceased to be profitable. Considering that Flyin’ Miata does a lot more business with four-cylinder engines, it’s only natural to dedicate effort to figuring out how they could continue to make their V8s legal.

business goes on

Getting Mazda MX-5 units up to eight cylinders was just part of Flyin’ Miata’s business. As far as mechanics is concerned, now they will focus on Modified four-cylinder models and in turbo kits (among others) that also garner good reviews. They will continue, at the same time, to sell parts to maintain and update any of the four generations of the Japanese two-seater.

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If someone wants to turn their MX-5 into a V8 sports car, Flyin’ Miata recommends a veteran company, V8 Roadsters, which has a long history in these types of conversions. They, for their part, aspire to remain linked to the car that gives them their name “another 39 years” since it is the age they have just turned.

Images: Flyin’ Miata

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