The Mercedes EQE SUV wants to be a bestseller, and it is very clear how to achieve it

The family of electric cars from the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz does not stop growing. And not only the range of 100% electric cars, but the whole of the sub-firm mercedes-eq, closely related to the most ecological mobility and which includes both electric cars and plug-in hybrid versions. In this case we talk about Mercedes EQE SUVthe brand’s latest proposal for those customers who looking for a luxury SUV but she feels ready to make the leap to 100% electric mobility. What are the weapons of the Mercedes EQE SUV?

The Mercedes EQE and EQS represent today the most of the most in the field of electric mobility within the manufacturer. Authentic technological showcases in saloon format for segments E and F respectively, which make use of a platform 100% focused on electric cars. The Mercedes EQS already had an equivalent in SUV format with the Mercedes EQS SUV, and A few weeks ago it was the turn of the Mercedes EQE SUV, a new model that will hit the market in 2023 but that has already been presented in great detail.

The Mercedes EQE SUV aims to offer all the good that the Mercedes EQE is capable of offering, but in a raised format that is so fashionable today. Not in vain, Most of the models sold by the star’s firm are models with an SUV body, which gives a good account of the “strength” of this trend that seems to have no brakes. If the Mercedes EQE and the Mercedes EQS have a very similar style and approach, Has Mercedes repeated the formula with the two electric SUVs?

The Mercedes EQE SUV is the “little brother” of the EQS SUV

The truth is that yes: the Mercedes EQE SUV aims to replicate in (almost) everything its older brother, the Mercedes EQS SUV. In this way, we find ourselves with an E-segment SUV that will have to face off against models like the Lexus RZ or the Polestar 3, in addition to having to compete with the rest of the brand’s own alternatives. With a length of 4.86 meters, the Mercedes EQE SUV fully enters a clearly expanding segment.

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The style is undoubtedly that of a “Mercedes-EQ”, with clearly identifiable elements such as the large blind grill flanked by optical groups with Full LED technology -and even digital LED if desired- and surfaces that, as a general rule, are fluid and rounded. The Mercedes EQE SUV may not be the most exciting SUV ever, but it certainly targets a very defined audience. Details such as the electric door handles flush with the bodywork or the rear light clusters linked together by LED tubes They make this EQE SUV recognized as a Mercedes of the latest batch.

Inside, there is no great news either: the interior of the Mercedes EQE is now replicated in this SUV model, with elements such as the Hyperscreen as great protagonists. So that, Digitization -and space- are the main protagonists in an interior designed so that five people can travel very comfortably. Their trunk has 520 liters of capacity, which in general terms is not a large figure, but it does substantially improve the trunk of its sedan brother, the EQE, which is content with 430 liters.

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Almost 600 km of autonomy for the Mercedes EQE SUV

The mechanical approach of the Mercedes EQE SUV differs slightly from the EQE saloon, so that although we have the same platform and the same suspension scheme, in this case we have three versions: EQE SUV 350+, EQE SUV 350 4MATIC and EQE SUV 500 4MATIC. The first is the only one with a single motor (on the rear axle) while the last two have a double motor scheme (one per axle) and, therefore, all-wheel drive.

The 350 variants have 292 CV, while the 500 version reaches 408 CVpowered in any case by a 90 kWh useful capacity battery. Supports recharges up to 170 kW in stream continuous and up to 22 kW in alternating, which allows you to go from 10 to 80% autonomy in 30 minutes under ideal conditions. The Mercedes EQE SUV with the longest range is the EQE SUV 350+ with 19-inch alloy wheels, which reaches 590 km under homologation conditions. At the opposite extreme, the 459 kilometers of the 350 4MATIC version with 22-inch wheels.

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As in the Mercedes EQE and EQS, this EQE SUV can have technological elements such as the directional rear axle with double degree of rotation (4.5º and 10º, in both cases optional) or Airmatic pneumatic suspension.

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