The method that Elon Musk used to discover the betrayal of an employee

After it became known that a Tesla employee had leaked company information, Elon Musk he talked about how he managed to find out who the person was and thus get him out of his workplace.

In the current era in which we live, where technology is the order of the day in all companies, it is not surprising that leaks of private information are common, especially in multinationals. Several great business tycoons have experienced this situation in their own flesh, as is the case of Elon MuskPresident of Tesla.

In this case, on social networks, a Twitter user decided to ask the businessman about the issue and how he had decided to carry out the investigation to discover the guilty person who had been selling the company’s private information to the media.

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musk replied “It’s quite an interesting story.” to later add that it had been based on a method known as “canary trap”with which you can easily detect who is the person who is leaking information.

The “canary trap” it’s based on share information to suspicious employees by slightly changing the version of the message or the way it is sharedin such a way that when it is leaked, it is known who is the person who has spread it.

After this, users asked what finally happened to the employee who shared the private information with the media and if legal action would be taken against him. To which Musk assured that “They were invited to continue their career elsewhere,” since he was “too busy” enough to focus on seeking legal solutions.

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