The millionaire who doesn’t mind paying $8,000 to park his BMW “Poor people see a fine, I see VIP parking” (+Video)

The millionaire who doesn’t care pay 8 thousand dollars for parking your vehicle BMW where you want.

Paying 8 thousand dollars is nothing to park where you want

Luke Desmaris shows off his luxury life, cars, house and bank account in his account TikTok. For many, his latest publication is presumptuous and pedantic, since he indicated in a video that he does not mind paying fines for parking wherever he wants.

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“Poor people see a parking ticket, I see a VIP parking”boasts in the published video, which has more than 3.5 million views and with reactions of all kinds.

It has accumulated (and paid) 100 fines so far this year, about 7,000 pounds sterling (at the current exchange rate about 8,100 euros).

Desmarislives in Chelmsford (Essex) is 27 years old and claims to earn more than 100,000 pounds per month through online transactions.


He has indicated that “Money does not matter”, referring to fines. Indicating that those 7,000 pounds correspond to “the invoice” for parking where you please in London.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, apart from the fact that the rules state that you can’t park in the areas with a yellow line.” For me they are a VIP parking to park my BMW M4.

“When you have a £90,000 car with over 500bhp, a £30,000 Rolex and you live in a millionaire mansion,” “But all you care about is helping others.”


“Parking in central London is £10 an hour… or £65 per ticket and you can park all day. So it depends on how long you want to park it makes sense.” indicate in a comment.

“This is why the fines should be proportional to what is earned or per car. £30 for a Ford, £3,000 for a Ferrari.” defend another user.

In most countries, the fine is applied with equivalence to the infraction committed. In our country, the Traffic regulations by administrative means, divide them into minor (80 or 100 euros), serious (200 euros) or very serious (500 euros).

Having a bank account with many zeros can lead you to not comply with the rules. Example the ‘Gumball 3000’: their millionaire participants are penalized for speeding and they don’t care.

In Finland, years ago, they opted for Variable penalties based on income.

Cases such as the director of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, which was sanctioned with a fine of 116,000 euros for driving at 75 km/h in a zone delimited to 50 km, was one of the most impressive. another millionaire, Reima KuislaHe received a “PENALTY FEE” worth 54,000 euros for exceeding the speed limit by 23 km/h.

Associated European Motorists (AEA)indicated that this measure would make sense and would be more equitable than the current model.

“Given the volume of sanctions that are processed in Spain (about 15 million complaints each year) the Administration is unable to take this circumstance into account”, detail.

SAA explains that in crimes against road safety, the variation of sanctions is applied in depending on the economic capacity of the offender.


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