The most expensive Toyota GR Supra 2023 is $64,534

When the Toyota Supra A90 debuted a few years ago, fans lamented the lack of a manual transmission. That has been fixed for 2023, with the six-speed stick now available in a six-cylinder model. The GR Supra 3.0 has an MSRP starting at $52,500, but with shipping costs and the mandatory Safety & Technology package added, manuals start at $56,215. How high is the sticker price with all the options included?

Actually, Toyota does a pretty efficient job of including all the bells and whistles in the default settings. Our most expensive run begins with the highest-range A91 model, starting at $59,440 with Hazelnut interior trim and red badges that set it apart from the rest of the lineup. From there, the only official option currently displayed in Toyota’s configurator is for the Burnout exterior color, which is a silver color that adds $1,645 to the price. The aforementioned Safety & Technology package is featured as an additional $2,620, but that price is already included in the initial MSRP. That brings us to $61,085.

From there, Toyota offers several accessories to add bling and comfort for Supra buyers. We’re talking cargo mats, emergency roadside gear, a carry case, and even a matching red USB cable set that will set you off a hefty $70. The most expensive accessory is a set of carbon fiber mirror caps for $925, although two separate paint protection packages come in at $924 combined. However, Toyota noted that the price does not include the installation of protective paint on the bumper. With all that added up, that brings us to the most expensive 2023 Supra, priced at $64,534.

For those not interested in the extra kit that comes with the A91, we’re crunching the numbers for the Toyota Supra GR 3.0 Premium 2023. It also comes with pretty much everything, though it features its own mandatory package called Driver Assist. It’s $1,195 and includes cruise control as well as blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alerts, and parking sensors. The exterior color Nitro Yellow or Stratosphere is an additional $425, and from there, it goes back to the same accessory group offered on the A91. Out the door, you’ll pay $60,619, including a $1,095 Toyota destination fee.

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