This will be the Volvo EX30, an urban crossover with an electric soul and Chinese origin

The most interesting Volvo of 2023 will be electric, SUV, but also much cheaper

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Volvo’s range will welcome a new model in just a few months. Will be called Volvo EX30 and it will be a totally new and unknown car that will aim to lower the cost of access to the electrical range of the Swedish manufacturer. Smaller than the XC40 and C40 Recharge, it will use its technology to become a very interesting alternative to cars like the #1 smart or the Renault Megane E-Tech.

At Volvo they want to reinvent their range of electric cars and for this, in addition to the launch of the new Volvo EX90 as the top of the range, they also want to attract new and younger customers. Because The Volvo EX30 is a crossover that will seek to position itself as the brand’s new range access, a kind of B-SUV located just below the XC40but starting from a modular platform (SEA) of Geely origin that has already demonstrated its more than good possibilities by giving life to the new smart #1, an electric that we have already tested in Diariomotor.

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This Volvo EX30 can be marketed in versions with one or two electric motors, with powers between 150 and 400 HP, autonomy of up to 400 km. and equipment equipped with the best of the moment in infotainment or driving assistance. Manufactured in China, the EX30 will be a model that, despite a different structure from the SPA used by the Swedish brand in all its models, promises a level of safety, design and behavior on a par with the rest of the Volvo range. Aesthetically it will be clearly influenced by the EX90a model that you can see in detail in the images that accompany this entry.

As confirmed by Volvo CEO Jim Rowan, The new Volvo EX30 will be presented on June 15. Its marketing should begin shortly after so that at the end of the year we can see the EX30 on the streets. For the moment Volvo has not wanted to offer details regarding the price of this new model, but if we take into account the intention of creating a range access clearly distanced from the XC40 and C40, it seems logical to think about a price around 35,000 euros for the Volvo EX30 before aid, promotions or any type of discount.

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