The new and best alternative to large electric SUVs already has a price in Spain

From the hands of Polestar, the segment of the large electric SUVs You just got an interesting breath of fresh air. With the launch of Polestar 3 We are facing an electric SUV that is going to make it quite difficult for cars like the Tesla Model X, the BMW iX, the Audi e-tron or the also new Volvo EX90 and Mercedes EQE SUV. To achieve this, in addition to the up to 517 CV of power and 610 km of autonomy, the Polestar 3 also wants to play the trick of offering a more adjusted price than that of its rivals.

Already available for sale in Spain, the Polestar 3 is a completely new SUV created by Polestar to gain a foothold in the segment of large premium SUVs. Although Polestar is a brand closely linked to Volvo, in the Polestar 3 we find a sportier and more striking design that gives life to an SUV of 4.9 meters in length. Its approach is also very technological, discovering inside a multimedia system with a 14.5″ touch screen equipped with the latest software and hardware, as well as a wide range of safety systems and driving assistants that allow the Polestar 3 be one of the few current cars that can boast of level 3 autonomous driving.

The simplest Polestar 3 already offers 489 hp and up to 610 km of autonomy

Its landing in the European market takes place under a single propulsion configuration, although it is available in two variants. We are talking about a configuration that makes use of an electric motor on each axle, thus allowing you to enjoy all-wheel drive. The lithium-ion battery has a useful capacity of 107 kWh, which allows it to homologate up to 610 km of autonomy under the WLTP cyclebeing able to use recharging in alternating current at powers of up to 11 kW and in direct current up to 250 kW.

As we said, we can only buy the Polestar 3 in two versions: Long Range Dual Motor from 92,900 euros and Performance Pack from 99,500 euros. In the future, the arrival of more affordable and less-performing versions is expected, but for now the range is built around these two options. In the case of the Polestar 3 Long Range Dual Motor, the maximum power is 489 CV, the maximum torque of 840 Nm and the autonomy reaches 610 km, in addition this version does the 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds and its speed tip is 210 km/h.

In the case of making the jump to the Performance Pack version of the Polestar 3, what we add is a revision of the drive train software to enjoy 517 hp and 910 Nmwhich allows the 0-100 km/h to be reduced to 4.7 seconds, but also the autonomy by remaining at 560 km. The maximum speed remains intact at 210 km/h.

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