The new from Renault for 2023 in Spain

The new from Renault for 2023 in Spain
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2023 will be a very important year for Renault. The French manufacturer plans to materialize an ambitious product offensive. Where, throughout the next year, the brand will bring numerous new features, some that not only include the renewal of current models, but also the introduction of completely new vehicles.

On Renault’s agenda for 2023 is the renewal of the Clio and the Captur. As well as the launch of a seven-seater SUV and a small 100% electric car, so stay to know the new from Renault for 2023 in Spain.

Renewal of the Renault Clio

The new from Renault for 2023
Image courtesy of – The new from Renault for 2023

One of the most important innovations that Renault will present this coming year 2023 has to do with one of the company’s best-selling models. The Renault Clio It will be renewed to give it its mid-cycle update that will allow the fifth generation to face the rest of its commercial life.

Its exterior design will be renewed, where we will say goodbye to the optical groups in the shape of the letter C. Meanwhile, the cabin will also debut new features, where we will see an updated version of the infotainment system. For its part, the mechanical offer will be simplified by eliminating certain gasoline engines, in addition, the diesel engine will be relegated to fleet customers.

Renault Capture update

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Similarly, Renault’s smallest SUV will be updated. The Renault Capture It will go through a facelift to renew its offer. The release of said update will be a turning point for the second generation of the model that is in the competitive B-SUV segment. But there will not only be innovations in design and technological equipment.

The capture which will debut in 2023 will have the Esprit Alpine trim level in its range. It is worth mentioning that the HEV and PHEV hybrid variants will be improved thanks to a higher capacity battery. And the disappearance of some gasoline engines is not ruled out.

The Grand Austral, a new seven-seater SUV

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Some new models will be presented, among these, one of the surprises that Renault has been working on is a seven-seater SUV. A model related to the Austral. known as the Renault Grand Australthis model will rival the Peugeot 5008 and the Skoda Kodiaq, among others.

Recent reports claim that this model will have the name Espace, which would lead to the disappearance of the “crossover” minivan that can still be found in dealerships. It should be noted that it will be marketed together with an important selection of electrified mechanics.

The new electric car Renault 5 E-Tech

The new from Renault for 2023
Image courtesy of – The new from Renault for 2023

Last but not least, a mythical model from the French brand will return in 2023. The Renault 5 will return to the market but now as a fully electric vehicle. The new Renault 5 E-Technow in development, will arrive this coming year, anticipated through the Renault 5 Prototype, it will be equipped with the latest electrical technology of the brand.

It will be manufactured in France and supported by the CMF-EV platform, the new electric 5 will be propelled through a 100 kW (136 Hp) motor. It will also present a front-wheel drive configuration and a range that will be close to 400 km.


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