The new high-end SUV that you will want to have in your garage will arrive in 2024

DS Automobiles is not afraid of internal competition and hopes to spearhead Stellantis’ premium strategy along with Italian Alfa Romeo and Lancia. Nor to the external competition, trying to offer its customers a taste for design and quality products, without attracting too much attention, to provide a differential factor with respect to its German rivals. Nor is it afraid of competition from the Far East, with the wave of Chinese products that will arrive in the coming years and that, in some cases, will target the DS waterline, with electric ones that will also be in the fight for premiums.

The DS range will continue to grow in the coming years and will do so based on a major launch that will take place in 2024.

A release that we now know is probably It will be a new high-end, fully electric SUV and being responsible for launching the most ambitious technology of the Stellantis group.

The next big launch from DS Automobiles will arrive in 2024 and is expected to be a high-end electric SUV

A new electric SUV for DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles will be in charge of launching the new platform for electric vehicles STLA Medium by Stellantis. It will be the first Stellantis vehicle to use this platform, which will make it possible to create electric cars with a length between 4.5 and 5 meters and use batteries that can store between 87 kWh and 104 kWh. It is estimated that this new launch of DS, as well as the rest of the electric vehicles that are based on the STLA Medium platform, will reach autonomy of close to 700 kilometers.

As we told you, DS is not afraid of internal competition. Bastien Schupp, Director of Marketing and Communication of DS, told us these days how DS Automobiles is working closely with Alfa Romeo and Lancia to plan its strategy and define its range, with weekly meetings, and a close collaboration in which Stellantis expects that these three brands use their best assets to achieve a privileged position in the premium segment in Europe.

Today, DS Automobiles is the most advancedand the one that houses some more ambitious targets for electrification. In 2024 all its launches will be completely electric.

DS Automobiles will be in charge of debuting the new Stellantis STLA Medium platform, probably with a new SUV inspired by the design of the 2020 Aero Sport Lounge prototype.

DS 8, a new high-end SUV

But above all it is important to note that the central axis of the DS Automobiles strategy resides in starting from a blank sheet to configure its range. While Alfa Romeo and Lancia will take advantage of their legacy, in terms of sportiness and elegance, DS wants to define itself under the protection of French design and captivate the customer who seeks quality products.

Regarding your upcoming releases, Schupp anticipated that the 2020 DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept prototype already reveals some of the keys to this new product that would fit exactly what is expected from the 2024 launch.. Everything indicates that we will be facing a new high-end SUV, which with the STLA Medium platform would be located with a length close to 5 meters and a completely electric mechanics with a range of around 700 kilometers.

If we stick to the DS nomenclature, this new model could be marketed as the DS 8a brand that was already registered in the European patent register by Automobiles Citroën in February 2012.

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